Saturday, April 3, 2010

You are invited to watch General Conference this weekend...BYU TV or

(pic - Bryan and Elder Perry from Texas)
Happy Easter Everyone...Happy Birthday to Lolly, hope it was an awesome day! You have always been an awesome Grandma and lots of fun to be around...keep itup! Love Ya....and Happy Birthday to my Mom...and my little sister - next week.

Thanks for the information from Amelia, via Dale. Which reference do you all think I should include in the resume? Any suggestions?

Awesome about Mike P's baptism.

Shout out to the Kinkades...thanks for the letter. I sent one back, but I sent it to my home address because I accidentally wripped yours.

David Cruz...thanks for the email man! YOur english is great! Except for a couple of mistakes...keep practicing! I sent you a letter today, actually, que coincidencia! Hope you get it soon. Keep up the good work, I need to visit you someday.

Onnnnnnto the week.

Well this past week was interesting. It started off with a division in an area called Morro Doce (sweet hill). Well, just so you all know, the hill isn't that sweet...the thing is hUUUUge! Super steep, super tiring. But, luckily, we didn't go to it that much. The coolest story though whas when we had some appointments fall and I decided to take Elder Barroso out for some acai (berry from the Amazon, eaten frozen). We went to this place and we started talking to the girl that runs the place. First off, the acai was awesome. Second of all, I was just talking to her and I asked her what she likes to do. She replied, I like reading a lot. I then asked if she like Jesus...she said yes, I said 'we have got the book for you'. So I was able to give her a Book of Mormon and she was super excited aobut it. She has already a lot of it, andis excited to go to church. Super cool.

In our own area, we also had a lot of success as we started to stray away a little from teaching the first lesson every time in the first encounter...instead we are teaching as we follow the spirit, teaching to the Book of Mormon. It has worked pretty well, with people going from not very interested to super wanting a compy of the Book of Mormon to read. We have gotten a few tears from people in the last few days. It is pretty cool. The best guy is a guy named julho, who is 28 and not doing much in life. We were able to testify tohim how he can change his life and, if he follows the restored gospel, he WILL be able to reach all his life goals. It was super cool. He dropped out of middle school basically, and has been doing manual labor since, but he is reading the Book of Mormon, and while he doesn't understand much, he says that it just feels right. Love it!

The other cool thing coming up is that General Conference is this Saturday and Sunday! I encourage all reading the blog to at least watch one session, if you can get to a chaple, even better, if not, watch it on digital cable (BYU Channel) or on the internet ( It will be super cool. Go modern prophets and apostles.

We, love y'all...hope all is well! Miss y/all.


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