Friday, March 26, 2010


Yes! I'm offically back into the dub! Yee haw. I'm excited to get there. Re the recommendations for the internship - I need them in 2 weeks by email.
onnnnn to the week...Well, still more normal stuff going on. We are teaching some people and we are excited for them to be baptized soon. Our strongest investigators are Kleber (30 year old tech guy), and Lilian (18 year old girlfriend of a member), and that one family of three. They will all probably be baptized here in April. Excited! So thats going cool. The best lately was Kleber. He asked us soooo, just saying that I get baptized, what would happen if I move. Would I be able to go to that church over there in the other neighborhood?
I told could move anywhere in the world and you would automatically become a part of that other unit, with someone assigned to take care of you.
He said...da hora (that is way freaking cool) yea, he will be baptized soon. He is reading the Book of Mormon and loving it every time he goes to church. He is a great friend of ours too.
Lilian showed a lot of progress this week too. She has successfully stopped drinking coffee, committed to live the law of chastity, is reading the Book of Mormon, and has accepted the laws of the Sabbath and tithing. We were just like, look, we have invited you to baptism lots of times, and we know that you know that these things are true, and that you know that baptism is essential for your will now choose your own baptismal date. She left pretty exited about things. Yes!
The biggest thing that we have been working on lately though is getting the ward running super well. Preach my Gospel was made for missionary work, which is central to the church's growth and Stake Leadership to get more effectively used in the Stake. Chapter 13 rocks! I am super excited to work with this and see the results. As one of the profets said, if the Ward grasped the spirit of helping in the mission and reactivation efforts, the Ward spirituality would increase and the Ward would improve in every way. Super fun!
Not a lot of other developments here. My companionship with the Texan is still going super well and we are hoping to stay here for a lot more time. Who knows?
The other big thing....GO DAWGS! SWEET SIXTEEN BABY!

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