Thursday, March 11, 2010

Brazi's are an interesting people....

Pic...Pouring Hard Liquer Down the Sink.
So thanks for the sweet update on Dayna. It's cool about testimony meeting and I can't wait to hear more about it. Definitely keep me updated. The Shoe box did finally make it (took 2 months to get here) I got it at mission counsel. Thanks for the shoes. They Rock! I was really needing them. Also thanks for all the sweets and stuff.
Shout out to Supreme Krispy Kreme, hey I got your letter and sent one back out to you.
Onnnnnnn to the week.
So the past week has been fairly laid back, with some interesting things happening. Everybody has been talking about the earthquakes in diverse places and all that stuff...the most common question we get is..."is the world going to end in 2012? It is kinda funny to me that everyone is concerned about the end of the world but nobody wants to do anything. Brazi's are an interesting people. Everyone always seems to be working or studying but I'm just not seeing much progress as a result.
Anyway, the coolest thing from this past week were the investigators that went to church this week. One is a family that is actually a reference from a young woman from another ward. The family went to church and really like it and has a baptismal date. They have been reading the Book of Mormon and doing what they need to do. It is cool. It will be just the second complete family that I baptize here. The first on being that family that I took to the temple last year. The other cool thing that is happening is a member from the center of Sao Paulo has been taking his girlfriend, lilian, to church. She is liking it a lot and is progressing a bunch. Super cool to see. Last night we taught about the plan of salvation and it was pretty sweet. The only problem is that, while she is reading the book of Mormon, and going the church, she still hasn't prayed to ask God if what we teach is true. Without this testimony from Heavenly Father she can only progress so much, and most likely won't get baptized. There are other people that w have been teaching as well that are super excited to get to know everything. Actually, we are going to go over to one of their houses tonight to eat dinner and reteach the restoration, as people have a hard time understanding this concept.
Also, the weather has gotton a heck of a lot better here the past couple days. I love sun, it is a lot better here than it was last year out in that place is hot. I guess they just had another baptism out there a few weeks ago. First one since I left. GH
Unfortunately, things are pretty tight here on the mission, with the area presidency putting in a heck of a lot more is pretty frustrating sometimes. The problem with it is that some in the church seems to see the missionaries as emotion-less robots that don't ever get stressed or anything. But I won't rant about it or anything...I will go and I will do.

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