Wednesday, March 17, 2010

All Tranquilo...6 months to go

Shout out to Caryn, got your letter!

Onnn to the week

Things have been fairly low key here in the past week. Not a whole bunch of new things, but we are making some progress with some good people. We are preparing a great family to be baptized here in the next couple of weeks, they are all super excited and loving everything. The Mom in the family is super happy because she said it is the first time that they have ever gone to a church as a family. YES! Also, another guy that we are teaching, Cleber, is super excited too. He keeps going to church and is always like, man! it's everything that I have always thought! I love this place! It is super cool. Plus, he cooks pretty good too. Right now we are working on his girlfriend to try to get them married, baptized, and then sealed in the temple after a year. Hot Dog!

We had an awesome zone conference yesterday. I am a big fan of the President and of the leaders we have on the mission right now. When I got to the mission, it seemed like the leaders were just holding vacancies, but now they are thinking of new stuff and really getting this mission going. Super stoked.

I can't really remember too much of what else happened this past week. But, yeah, things are all good, all tranquilo. Oh! I almost forgot, I got my trunky letter yesterday! It is a letter that you get from the mission when you have size months to go specifying the day you go home and asking for information. Way exciting! Yes! I'm pumped.

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