Sunday, March 7, 2010

Zone Rap

Pics...Picco, Crazyness, Baptism...

...The shoes sent in January still have not made it, but the padded envelope with shirts did. I bet I will receive the shoes within the month. There are a few opportunities for me to get the package, with mission counsel next week, zone conference the next, and interviews in 4 weeks. Man time flies here. But still, I'm TRUNKEZA
Shout out to Lauren! Got your letter, am sending one back.
onnnn to the week!
BAPTISMO!!!WOOT! So Lucia got baptized this last week, and it was super cool. She is an incredible lady, she just does everything, never makes up excuses. She got to the baptism early, got everything ready, and it was great! Lots of people were there to support her. Hopefully we can start working on her family members one by one now. Her husband is showing some real interest, but he is currently working on Sundays. He says that he wants to get baptized in the future so that he can be sealed for time and all eternity to his family. Yeah!
Also, we have been blessed with some awesome new people as we've been forced to leave some people as they don't want to follow the commandments. The one that caught me most by surprise was a 50 year old mom that absolutely disagreed with the law of chastity! Didn't see that one coming. But, yeah I'm super excited for things here. Things in the zone are going awesomely as well...with great elders and everyone believing that we can do miracles...I love it.
Even better, we did a big zone activity today toing to the Picco de Jaragua. It was about a 2 hour trip, 45 minutes to get up, 30 minutes goofing around and 45 minutes getting back to home base. It was a cool hike through some jungle and over rocks...first time hiking in forever! Anyway, it was a lot of fun and a great way to get the Zone united and excited to work together. We even did a zone rap session at the very top (yes, I am an uh-oh oreo) Plus we went to the mission office today so that Elder Perry could sign something so he wouldn't be deported. Seems like everything is going pretty great right now.

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