Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! Woot!!!!

Happy New Year! Woot! ALLLMOST 2010...almost.

(Sorry no pictures, Bryan's camera is in the shop) Thats sweet that the Sansburns are at the house now. Give them a shout out for me. I really miss cold and skiing and stuff. Get on their case to send me an email or a letter or something, with pics. In fact...I always love to get mail!!!

As for my ward, it is rough. But, im working on getting it better.

Onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn to the week

Well, this was the awesome week of christmas! So, lots of cool stuff happened. There were christmas parties and food and calling home and all that. Definitely lots of fun. Unfortunately, it did get distracting and not tons of stuff happened in the work. However, there was one good thing that DID happen....

BAPTISM! Woot! So, her name is Fatima, she is 55 years old and lives with her youngest daughter (Stefani, 17) and her grandaughter (Gabi, 8, NOT stefani`s). So, it was pretty cool. The whole ward went out to a big church campground for the xmas party. Unfortunately, Elder Mosiah and I couldnt go as it is outside of mission boundaries. So, we waited in town, got everything ready for the baptism, and then we got it all done! It was pretty sweet. She was very happy and her daughter is seeming pretty interested too...maybe we will be able to mark a date with her sometime soon.

Also, we have still been doing lots of divisions to get to know everyone better and increase the zone friendship. It has been going pretty well. Also, we had another zone activity today doing soccer out in Francisco Morato. I am still amazed by brazilian chapels....theyre huge and so nice! But yeah, it was a bunch of fun. Like I mentioned in the phone call, it is crazy how agile with their feet these Brazis are! my gosh! Oh well

As for new years, we don't have any plans. Actually, we have to be at our house at 7 pm...I've heard that New Years gets pretty messy here. Good news is that there is a big firework show that is set up right near our we will be able to watch the whole thing. Yipee

Well, miss you all and wish everyone a Happy 2010~! GET HAPPY! IM COMING HOME THIS YEAR!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Feliz Natal

Feliz Natal...
Planning to call home for Christmas, (only 1 of 2 calls all year) for the Christmas phone call, I will confirm Thursday night. Right now is a little difficult because I am on a division and I cant talk to my comp about it...Im in Franco da Rocha today with Elder Ávila. Anyway, Friday I should be calling after time. sooooo, it could be at like 9 in the morning...but like I said, I will confirm Thursday night, my, this six hour time difference sure is annoying!

Oh, I got the advent calendar box! Thanks Mom! I already opened a lot of the presents, but I left some for Elder Mosiah and I to open on Christmas morning. Did you know that Christmas Eve is bigger than Christmas??? Most all the presents are opened on Christmas Eve here, and they stay up til midnight having a party...we have to be home at 10 oclock hah.

Anyways....onnnnnnnnnnnn to the week
This past week has been a strange and a rough one. Elder Mosiah and I have been doing lots of divisions to be able to get to know the areas and all the other areas around here. It is pretty cool, because we get to make more friendships with the other Elders of the stake. However, it also makes working in our own area a little weird, when you always have someone different. However, it is working out. For example, we are going to have an AWESOME Christmas present this saturday! Yep, you guessed it....batismo (baptism)! Her name is Fatima and she is in her mid 50s. The missionaries have been teaching her for a long time, but she has gotten a lot stronger in the past few weeks, and is super excited to be baptized. Also, her 17 year old daughter stefanie will probably be baptized in the coming weeks as well...exciting. As far as the area, we are still knocking lots and lots of doors. Plus, it is starting to get suuuuper hot outside. Hellloooooooooooooooooo suntan. Serious, my watch tan is getting pretty impressive....

Also, we had our Christmas zone conference yesterday. It was awesome. We watched the same movie as last year though, ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE. I like the movie a lot, I think you guys should rent it and check it out. It has James Stewart and Donna Reed. Also, we did a little game where i won a bag of peanut m&ms...oh so good.

Well, I'm gonna get going for now. Life is good in the hood of Sao Paulo.

Feliz Natal!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas from Brazil

Pics: Christmas Card with Elder Schoen, and Going Away Party in Sao Roque

Also, general news and excitement for all...MONTLAKE JAKE is coming back to UW! Woot. THat is all.
Thank bishop garrick for the awesome email, it really is awesome being able to hear from him. Let him know that he has been a great help for me in my life.

Letters being sent out today
Dale, Kaelene Schoen, Jason, Lauren

Onnnnnnnnnnnnn to the week
So, i am getting more and more used to my new area. It is still different than sao roque, but yeah, getting used to it. Unfortunately, we havent been having a whole lot of success recently in finding new families to teach...just a lot of knocking doors (bleh) and having a hard time finding people interested in the gospel. However, there are lots of good things happening in the other areas of the zone. We have lots of good elders that are starting to see success after some hard droughts.
However, we are teaching some good people, one person in particular (Fatima) is super excited for her baptismal date on the 26th. It is going to be super cool...there is going to be a ward xmas party out at a church campground and the baptism might happen there! Unfortunately Elder MOsiah and I cant go since the place is outside of mission boundaries.

Also, one of the other cool things is that we had a zone activity today playing soccer in one of the local squares. A bunch of the local kids came and played with us too. So, yeah, im not terrible at soccer, but ive figured that my strength is on the back half, defensive part of the is crazy how agile these brasilians are with the ball! It is nutty....oh well, no matter how agile you are it doesnt mean you can win a collision with a six foot two American...haha
I am super excited for Christmas next week....just so excited! I just cant stop thinking about it.

other funny story
so....last week I went to downtown sao paulo and I bought a soccer jersey and a camera case to protect my camera. Well, that night I was digging around in my bag to be able to put my camera in the protective case, and the camera fell out of the bag onto the hard concrete...and isnt working right now. But, a member is taking it to a fixing shop this week so there shouldn't be any problem...if there is, i will go back next week and buy a new camera. I just thought it was ironic..I broke the camera in the moment that i was trying to protect it.
love ya!

Miss you all and love ya!


Friday, December 11, 2009

In the Concrete Jungle

Photos: Elder Mosiah and I in the Vanespa Building in the middle of the city of Sao Paulo..what a concrete jungle.

Well, I will try to do a lott better this time in the email, I've got a lot more time. Last week was rushed as I had just been transfered to the area.

I have some shout outs for some people....
David Cruz e ai safado! Te amo e tenho muitas saudades de ti! Eu finalmente fui no centro de sao paulo hoje....demorou ne. INfelizmente esse teclado nao da muito pra escrever em portugues...os accentes nao funcionam...nem o question mark! hey, voce tem que procurar meu amigo que esta emTrindade...Elder Beazer...vai la algum domingo e da um abraco pra ele! Mas sim, ta sendo otimo com mosiah..ele e gente boa demais. me mande uma carta com foto da menina que beijar!

Katrine...thanks for the email! I cant wait to get the xmas card, good luck on your final project

Lauren...thanks for the letter! WIll respond next week. Good luck with finals!

Dale...also got your letter! FOND FTW

Onnnnnnnnnnn to the weeek
So, the week was definitely a bit interesting. Right when I got in I had to go do a two day division in another area so that we could get a baptismal interview done. Was pretty sweet, I got to know one of the other elders, but it was super weird, as I knew another area better than my own! But, I got back to Jaragua and have been liking it. The place is technically part of Sao Paulo, but it is as interior as it gets. We are a ways out of the center, and there are lots of hills and green and stuff all around. The area is a heck of a lot smaller than Sao Roque though, so that is good. No more buses! Plus, I won't have to spend so much personal money anymore..yes! Only problem is that I have yet to find a good ice cream place.

It is fun being the Zone Leader with Elder Mosiah. Elder Mo

Hey, anyone out there...please send me Christmas Cards...I don't care if they are late, I'd just love to hear from you.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Transfered to Jaragua

(Picture is from Elder Schoen's Blog, Thanksgiving Day. Bryan will really miss him - so glad they were companions for awhile)

Shout outs to Daniel! I love you dude! <3 haha thanks for using your email. and yes, BDOGS is the correct term

Jason got your letter today! I will respond next aware in the mail for another surprise coming your way!

Gj, got the shirt

Kaelene Schoen, got your letter! Thanks!

Onnnnn to the week
Basically, biggest things were
1) Baptism of Antonio, Josefa e Felipe
2) I was transferred! I am now in jaraguá with Elder Mosiah (from Fortaleza, Brazil) as my new companion. I am LZ (Zone Leader) now. (He is in charge of all the Missionaries in his area).

Sorry, no time to write, i will fill in more next week, gotta run!

Oh yeah, Thanksgiving was awesome! I love Sao Roque. They even through me a going away party last night!