Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Feliz Natal

Feliz Natal...
Planning to call home for Christmas, (only 1 of 2 calls all year)...as for the Christmas phone call, I will confirm Thursday night. Right now is a little difficult because I am on a division and I cant talk to my comp about it...Im in Franco da Rocha today with Elder Ávila. Anyway, Friday I should be calling after lunch...my time. sooooo, it could be at like 9 in the morning...but like I said, I will confirm Thursday night, my time...man, this six hour time difference sure is annoying!

Oh, I got the advent calendar box! Thanks Mom! I already opened a lot of the presents, but I left some for Elder Mosiah and I to open on Christmas morning. Did you know that Christmas Eve is bigger than Christmas??? Most all the presents are opened on Christmas Eve here, and they stay up til midnight having a party...we have to be home at 10 oclock hah.

Anyways....onnnnnnnnnnnn to the week
This past week has been a strange and a rough one. Elder Mosiah and I have been doing lots of divisions to be able to get to know the areas and all the other areas around here. It is pretty cool, because we get to make more friendships with the other Elders of the stake. However, it also makes working in our own area a little weird, when you always have someone different. However, it is working out. For example, we are going to have an AWESOME Christmas present this saturday! Yep, you guessed it....batismo (baptism)! Her name is Fatima and she is in her mid 50s. The missionaries have been teaching her for a long time, but she has gotten a lot stronger in the past few weeks, and is super excited to be baptized. Also, her 17 year old daughter stefanie will probably be baptized in the coming weeks as well...exciting. As far as the area, we are still knocking lots and lots of doors. Plus, it is starting to get suuuuper hot outside. Hellloooooooooooooooooo suntan. Serious, my watch tan is getting pretty impressive....

Also, we had our Christmas zone conference yesterday. It was awesome. We watched the same movie as last year though, ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE. I like the movie a lot, I think you guys should rent it and check it out. It has James Stewart and Donna Reed. Also, we did a little game where i won a bag of peanut m&ms...oh so good.

Well, I'm gonna get going for now. Life is good in the hood of Sao Paulo.

Feliz Natal!!!

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