Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! Woot!!!!

Happy New Year! Woot! ALLLMOST 2010...almost.

(Sorry no pictures, Bryan's camera is in the shop) Thats sweet that the Sansburns are at the house now. Give them a shout out for me. I really miss cold and skiing and stuff. Get on their case to send me an email or a letter or something, with pics. In fact...I always love to get mail!!!

As for my ward, it is rough. But, im working on getting it better.

Onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn to the week

Well, this was the awesome week of christmas! So, lots of cool stuff happened. There were christmas parties and food and calling home and all that. Definitely lots of fun. Unfortunately, it did get distracting and not tons of stuff happened in the work. However, there was one good thing that DID happen....

BAPTISM! Woot! So, her name is Fatima, she is 55 years old and lives with her youngest daughter (Stefani, 17) and her grandaughter (Gabi, 8, NOT stefani`s). So, it was pretty cool. The whole ward went out to a big church campground for the xmas party. Unfortunately, Elder Mosiah and I couldnt go as it is outside of mission boundaries. So, we waited in town, got everything ready for the baptism, and then we got it all done! It was pretty sweet. She was very happy and her daughter is seeming pretty interested too...maybe we will be able to mark a date with her sometime soon.

Also, we have still been doing lots of divisions to get to know everyone better and increase the zone friendship. It has been going pretty well. Also, we had another zone activity today doing soccer out in Francisco Morato. I am still amazed by brazilian chapels....theyre huge and so nice! But yeah, it was a bunch of fun. Like I mentioned in the phone call, it is crazy how agile with their feet these Brazis are! my gosh! Oh well

As for new years, we don't have any plans. Actually, we have to be at our house at 7 pm...I've heard that New Years gets pretty messy here. Good news is that there is a big firework show that is set up right near our we will be able to watch the whole thing. Yipee

Well, miss you all and wish everyone a Happy 2010~! GET HAPPY! IM COMING HOME THIS YEAR!


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