Friday, December 11, 2009

In the Concrete Jungle

Photos: Elder Mosiah and I in the Vanespa Building in the middle of the city of Sao Paulo..what a concrete jungle.

Well, I will try to do a lott better this time in the email, I've got a lot more time. Last week was rushed as I had just been transfered to the area.

I have some shout outs for some people....
David Cruz e ai safado! Te amo e tenho muitas saudades de ti! Eu finalmente fui no centro de sao paulo hoje....demorou ne. INfelizmente esse teclado nao da muito pra escrever em portugues...os accentes nao funcionam...nem o question mark! hey, voce tem que procurar meu amigo que esta emTrindade...Elder Beazer...vai la algum domingo e da um abraco pra ele! Mas sim, ta sendo otimo com mosiah..ele e gente boa demais. me mande uma carta com foto da menina que beijar!

Katrine...thanks for the email! I cant wait to get the xmas card, good luck on your final project

Lauren...thanks for the letter! WIll respond next week. Good luck with finals!

Dale...also got your letter! FOND FTW

Onnnnnnnnnnn to the weeek
So, the week was definitely a bit interesting. Right when I got in I had to go do a two day division in another area so that we could get a baptismal interview done. Was pretty sweet, I got to know one of the other elders, but it was super weird, as I knew another area better than my own! But, I got back to Jaragua and have been liking it. The place is technically part of Sao Paulo, but it is as interior as it gets. We are a ways out of the center, and there are lots of hills and green and stuff all around. The area is a heck of a lot smaller than Sao Roque though, so that is good. No more buses! Plus, I won't have to spend so much personal money anymore..yes! Only problem is that I have yet to find a good ice cream place.

It is fun being the Zone Leader with Elder Mosiah. Elder Mo

Hey, anyone out there...please send me Christmas Cards...I don't care if they are late, I'd just love to hear from you.

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