Friday, December 4, 2009

Transfered to Jaragua

(Picture is from Elder Schoen's Blog, Thanksgiving Day. Bryan will really miss him - so glad they were companions for awhile)

Shout outs to Daniel! I love you dude! <3 haha thanks for using your email. and yes, BDOGS is the correct term

Jason got your letter today! I will respond next aware in the mail for another surprise coming your way!

Gj, got the shirt

Kaelene Schoen, got your letter! Thanks!

Onnnnn to the week
Basically, biggest things were
1) Baptism of Antonio, Josefa e Felipe
2) I was transferred! I am now in jaraguá with Elder Mosiah (from Fortaleza, Brazil) as my new companion. I am LZ (Zone Leader) now. (He is in charge of all the Missionaries in his area).

Sorry, no time to write, i will fill in more next week, gotta run!

Oh yeah, Thanksgiving was awesome! I love Sao Roque. They even through me a going away party last night!


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