Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thankgiving from Brazil

Happy Thanksgiving from Bryan in Brazil.
Pics...End of a long day. Lucky. Elder Schoen eating Chu chu.

First things first, i gotta give shout outs to várias pessoas...
Elder Walton: Received your letter...will send one next week
Katrine: Got your email! will send a recap of that other letter in the next
Jason Olmstead: heart
Daniel Stewart: Yeah boyyyyyyyyyyy (i forgot the secret code, so i hope you get this)

So, mom, im glad you are getting all ready for thanksgiving. I really wish i could be there. However, Elder Schoen and I will be celebrating at Rosangelas house with her family...has two benefits..we get food and they arent members, so more friendship! It should be way fun.

I dont know what is going on with the know that i am not the biggest fan of

Dont worry about me, my health is perfect right now and things are going just suuuuper tired as it has been a long day and i havent been able to have sufficient sleep for a few days.

And the dogs seem like it would be all right...i liked the first one...but it is hard to know without seeing their personalities.

Onnnnnnnnnnnnnn to the week

So, this past week has a few big highlights. The first...sweet new people. We have found a couple awesome families this past week that seem super even accepted baptismal dates. I just want to be able to stock the cupboard of awesome investigators as transfers are next week, and the chances arent the greatest for me to stay...but there is hope! The bishop asked me to give him the presidents phone number so that he could call him to request that i stay longer in Sao that is super cool! A huge compliment. Means that he thinks that we are doing great work and wants me to stay...just cool. Also, i heard that all the members have been peskering him recently to do something so that i stay for a little bit longer as well. But...who knows, i have been here for almost 7 months (5 transfers), i have 2 transfers with E. Schoen, and who knows.

Second big thing....Baptismal interviews! So, we did a division this week so that Antonio, Josefa, and Filipe could have their interviews for their baptism this weekend. Long story short, they passed! They are super excited for it and super motivated to be baptized, stay strong in the gospel, and enter the temple. They will be baptized on sunday right after the sacrament meeting. This family has come a long long way...and it all started with patience, perserverance, and a trip to the temple.

Third thing....speaking of temple, we went today! It was awesome, as usual. To do it we went to Sorocaba last night to sleep at the zone leaders hosue. We ended up getting super wet as it was pouring cats and dogs, and things were just nuts. We got to the temple and we had a very spiritual experience. I went in fasting and i received the answer to a question that i have been wrestling with over the past few weeks. The full account is in another email, as i already sent it and i am too lazy to type it out again
(I think I need permission from Bryan before I put this in the blog - pretty interesting news!). Anyways, we ended up taking the bus back to sorocaba, waiting there for our bus to sao roque, and we got here in the area at 630 pm...super late. But, we are able to write
Love ya

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