Thursday, November 5, 2009

Moon Lit Favela

pics...moon lit favela
Halloween (E. Schoen and I celebrated halloween by going out as each other! I wore his nametag and he wore mine. Unfortunately, we didnt get to pig out on candy as we were fasting :( first time in his life haha. This kid is ruining me, im actually developing a sweet tooth.)

Some shout outs to
Paige sent you a letter today!
Grandmother sent you a letter today!

Onnnnnn to the week
Well, this past week has been AWESOMe...but super tiring. We having been walking and working like bandits. It all started last thursday when we had a service project with a less active. We got to carry buckets of sand up a huge set of stairs so that they could do some house stuff. It was fun, but definitely rough.

Since then, we have been teaching lots of the awesome people, and seeing the individual miracles in peoples lives. For example, one person, Heloise, is making HUGE progress. She should get baptized next week. She has stopped smoking, drinking, drinking coffee, and went to church this week and said that she had never felt so good in her life! Then, when the opposition started throwing stuff at her for her to give up, she held on, said her prayers, and received amazing answers from the book of mormon. Then, she used her new found strength and faith to help her ex hsuband also receive answers to his prayers and reconstruct his broken trust in the Lord. She rocks.

Also, if all goes well, we should have a few dunkings this weekend. The coolest thing happened sunday. Tons of people went to church, but even better, the younger brother of another kid that we were preparing for baptism. At the end of the church meeting, he came up and asked "can i be baptized with my brother this saturday?" Elder Schoen and I exchanged glances and shouted Of course! It was sick.

Miracles just keep happening. Thats all i can really say. I love the mission, i love the gospel, and i love Brasil. keep praying for me! it is working.

glad to hear that caryn is doing so well, make sure she knows that a letter is coming her way! I sent it recently.

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