Thursday, November 19, 2009

Please send Christmas Cards:)

First photo is with Elder Richard G. Scott

Second photo is me playing at the local fountain

Give Jesse a high five and a congrats for me! Crazy that he is coming home! Well, another 10 months for me!

Thanks Bishop Garrick for the updates!

Anyways, thanks for the update on the Mommom's Memorial service. I'm glad that it all went so well and would have liked to have been there too. I can't believe my cousin, Adam is about to graduate college. Just crazy! But I am happy that it was such a good experience. It made me extra happy to read about the family, and also that no one is going to get married until I get home!

Oh, and remember, I am getting on a different time (according to you guys). Now, instead of it being 12 when i get on, it is 10 (because of daylight savings). Oh well. (Lately Bry's emails are taking up to 9 hours to get here)

Thanks for the email from Bishop Garrick, I like him a lot. He was always a great leader to me, and I am very happy that he is following the blog so closely.

Also, a quick shot out to David Cruz!
E aÍ cara! Nao acredito que ta ficando gordo! Tem que fazer acadamia mesmo....como que voce vai arranjar as moças de disney pra mim quando eu for pra sua casa ano que vem! Lol, just kidding dawg. Mas sim, fiquei feliz por ter recebido sua email. Acredita que ainda estou em Sao Roque?! Acho que vou morrer aqui no interiorzâo! Mas, eu gosto muito daqui e tambem do meu filho, a obra ta bom demais.

Also, to Bethanie...Thanks for the email! I can't wait to get your letter!

Onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn to the week

So, this past week has been pretty rushed. We had zone conference, and service projects, and traveling, and new people, and just tons of work. The most eventful thing this week was that i got to go to a foot doctor! I have been diagnosed with a bad case of trench foot....
just kidding.
Actually, i just had a light case of an ingrowned toenail. The lady fixed it up pretty quick, and then continued to give me a pretty good foot treatment...I think I might just pretend to have a bad toenail again just so I can go back. But yeah, it was fun. Also, In the past week we have talked in english schools, helped people move their house, painted walls, washed dishes, all sorts of good service projects.
As far as the work goes, we have found some sweet people recently. I am most excited about one family in particular. They are super open about everything, very accepting, plus they are the owners of the Lanhouse that we use! Maybe the mishies will get free internet if we baptize them! Haha, wouldn't that be cool.

Also, we are using this week really to get people ready for their baptismal interviews next week. I am super excited for some of these people, especially one family in particular (that went to the temple with us). Basically all is going pretty awesomely here. One thing that is especially cool, the people in the ward like me! Since I already have been here for 5 transfers, it hasnt been looking good for me to stay here one more with Elder Schoen. However, a lot of members have been begging the bishop to call the Mission President to request that I stay for a bit longer! How cool is that? Hopefully it works out, it would be super annoying to be transferred out of here right before Christmas. Super Annoying.

Well, thats about all the news that I can come up with for now. I guess the other interesting side to the experience is just that this ward is so full of drama...seriously, its like Days of our Lives...soap opera city. Everybody is connected to somebody else and weird love tales slash work stuff slash just randomness. But, I love it here.

Miss ya tons!

Increase the Peace

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