Thursday, April 29, 2010

Music to a Missionaries Ears....

Pics: Me and Elder Borrego...he says "Hi Mom". Elder Albuquerque and Elder Whitesides in the office.

Shout out...Katrine, got the letter, will send one out. (Love to get letters!)

onnnn to the week
So, wow, my head is totally out of whack right now. The past week was spent in a few divisions out in the interior in Sorocaba again. Oh, coolest thing about that - there is an Elder Borrego in Rio Acima, Sorocaba whose Mom follows loyally the blog (Hi Mom Borrego). She even printed it out and sent it to him! It was funny. Anyway, he is a great Elder and I had fun on Division out there. I also did a division in my first zone....Trujillo. It was great to go back.
Best story was of a guy that just stopped us randomly on the street and asked us what we do. I went on explaining that we are representatives of Christ and that we hlep people become baptized, receive the Holy Ghost and endure to the end. He then started talking about his day of finding a new job and running into us and being happy. He said "I was already baptized, but I feel as if my baptism isn't worth there any way that I can be baptized again?" Music to missionary's ears. It was cool. We ran into a lot of other cool people the rest of the day. Great fun.
On Sunday, I was able to go out to lunch with Elder Schoen! It was super fun. We went to church with him (he baptized that week btw) and then went to lunch. Teh couple is young and super cool. The best part of all is that both of them speak english and they have family in the states and thusly, sweet hookups. Long story short, it was the first time I have eaten Ranch Dressing on the mission. Even better, it was Hidden Valley Ranch. Soooo good. Gosh, matou saudades.
Since then, we have been preparing pretty hard core our zone conferences here on the mission. We decided to do this sweet new thing where it is kind of a "workshop" instead of a powerpoint training. We set it up so that there would be 4 stations, each station being directed by the zone leaders, and that the missionaries would rotate. We had our first one yesterday and it went really well!
Some missionaries even commented about it being the best zone conference ever. So, hopefully we can duplicate the success tomorrow and friday with the other missionaries. That has been my life during the past week...preparing and giving conference, doing divisions, and meeting with the Prez.
Elder Bry

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