Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dia das maes is the greatest!

Pics - not necessarily in the right order:) Jaragua with Rick, feijoada, complete with pig ears and feet...yum, Harley Davidson...just for Grandpa Chuck. Elder Bramwell and Elder a sweet training in Baptismal suits. Batismo e nois!

You should read some funny stories on Elder Parsons' blog every week it is
Things have been pretty tiring this past week. We did two more zone conferences, two more divisions, and a day of transfers. I am wiped. At least we actually got a p-day this week. So nice. I got to get my hair cut too! It was fun. It was this crazy maxon guy who just started asking us tons of questions. There seem to be a lot of masons here in Sao Paulo...I've never met one before back home. Maybe it is more of an East Coast thing than a West Coast thing.
We had two really good zone conferences again. As a treat Presidente took us out for McDonalds shakes! It was awesome. It is supper funny driving around with them in the car, they really remind me of you and Dad...but Presidente hasn't made Sister Cooley sit in the back seat yet. Anyway, all those conferences went well and now we are on to a different phase, transfers.
Transfers happen every six week - each missionary may change area's and companionships. We were in a meeting together for about 6 hours on Monday doing this. Things aren't done yet. Our next meeting will be this Monday after we go to the CTM to meet the new missionaries and choose their trainers. It is way cool how it is all done. Definitely revelation.

Other than that, we have gone on a couple more divisions. Saturday was way fun because it was in Jaragua! Go old area! It was great seeing the progression of some of my old investigators and baptisms. Most of them are doing great. They will have two baptisms this Saturday. So stoked! They are way solid people. One of them, Rick, is a 23 year old who is their neighbor! Of couse, if I were God, I would definitely put the elect next to the missionaries as well. Anyway he is way excited to be baptized and serve a mission. Go team go.
Also yesterday was a fun division in a place called Santana. It is a very well-to-do community in the northern part of Sao Paulo. It was great being out there with one of my best mission buds Elder Pratt (yes, great great grandson of Orson). He is a great missionary. Actually, I think he is writing Kels. Ha. Ha.
Having a good time and trying to relax and hang back today. We will be doing 3 more divisions this week. I can't wait for Sunday. Dia das maes is the greatest!

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