Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Full Circle...back to the CTM

Picture (Elder Schoen & Elder Duarte at the Sao Paulo Futebol Clube, Football Stadium)
Things are a little bit different these days in the office. My days are filled with trainings and divisions. Just yesterday we had an awesome division in Casa Verde. Yes, that Casa Verde, where I spent 2 months in the Sao Paulo MTC. It was super kool walking outside of the CTM and talking to people as an actual missionary. Even better, there were some newbies walking around too, who and noooooo idea whatsoever what was going on. It was a great day. I walked around with Elder Bramwell, from Hawaii. He is a super good elder - I learned a lot from him. We taught some cool investigators, and we were able to really help people understand the necessity of authority of the priesthood.

The coolest way to describe authority is to put it in terms that people understand. For example, everyone knows that a classroom without a teacher will just become a mess, that a country without a government goes to anarchy. The principle is exactly the same in the kingdom of God. We can see the pattern of authority since the very beginning, as God always had His kingdom on earth, buided by prophets and, later, apostles. The principle does not change, as God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Without the proper line of authority, the kingdom becomes a mess when all of us do just whatever we want. Interesting.

Anyway, it was a great day out there in Casa Verde. But, all this traveling is definitely taking its toll...I'm soooo tired! I did get a little bit of a cold, but, all is well.

The coolest thing today was that I was able to hang out with Elder Schoen! Remember him? My son! and my Grandson (Elder Duarte)! Super exciting. We went out for acai and then we went to the Sao Paulo football club stadium, O Estadio de Morumbi. It was cooooool. Everything there is so expensive! It was super funny, there was a huge asian tourist group there as well. I saw more Americans and Asians there than Brazilians.

Well, that's about it for these past few days. My pday will be Wednesday again next week.

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