Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bulls on Parade

Bulls on Parade!
So, actually I am pretty excited that I have been here 10 months, starting to creep up on 11...getting close to the top of the mountain.
Onnnn to the week. So, as you all know, last week was transfers. It was a lot more interesting trying to get information about the transfers and everything this week as we don't have a cell phone (broke when fell out of shirt pocket) and I have to find the member's house with a landline. So, it took a few days to find out who the new people in the district and zone are, and the other changes. Anyway, turns out that I get to be a District Leader now....basically the same thing as I was doing in the MTC, but now I get to give trainings to the other mishionaries during the district meeting, call every night to follow up on the day, and do more divisions so that I can perform interviews. Pretty routine.
Also the crazy stuff this week is more about the awesome party for Sao Roque. The streets are full of stands of food and souvenirs and other fun goodies to buy. Also, there are tons of interesting events going on. For example, there was something I had never seen before on ever heard the song Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine? Well they must have been in Sao Roque because there was a parade of bulls going through the streets.
Also, one really cool thing is that we have found a few new families! Hallelujah! Was awesome, we have even been able to mark a baptism date with one new investigator. She is a mother living in Mairinque, and is having some troubles with the family. It is yet another case
that I have seen of a mother and family that do a tone to be perfect, but the husband/father drinks a lot and always comes home mean. It is incredibly sad how often this happens,. However, I have tons of hope that we will be able to help this family get back on track! It is going to be excellent. Bry
Shout outs to: Katrine for the awesome bday card and letter! Sent one in return.
Aunt Alane for the bday letter
GJ & GRandfather
Makelle aka half baked, got your letter and sent one back
Braydon, glad things are going well. As for school advise, go to class and do your homework. 90% of the test questions will be something almost copied from the homework...or at least it was in my situation.
Shout out to David Cruz.
e ai cara! fiquei feliz por receber sua emial! Ta otimo que as coisas no trabalho estao indo bem...alem daquele accidente yeeesh!! fique firme na fe! o senhor te abencoara com certeza! ela ja esta! te amo!

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