Friday, August 14, 2009

Holy Muffins....

Still waiting for that box with the other shoe to will get here and all will be ok. Right now it's been fairly sunny and warm recently, without rain and other conditions, so my old worn out shoes work out fine for this. But cool deal you will be giving an update in about a month about the mission, I can't believe that I am a month away from a year! What is this? Pinch me please, somebody!

As for letters, I received letters from Paul Herber, thanks for the awesome articles. Mary Goodrich, where did you learn such good portuguese? I sent letters to both of you today. Also, to respond to Cruz...E ai cara! Tudo mundo ta pergunando o que eu estou escrevendo pro voce aqui no blog! Word e google so conseque traduzir tanto, Ne?! Que chique que as coisas stao indo tao bem...mais ou menos haha. Mas, continue na fe! Nao fique desanimado no final de semana! Voce e pimp cara, noa esqueca disso! Tou te apoiando. Hey, voce ja saiu com aquelas do disney?? Te amo cara! Boa sorte na prova Go Broncos!

And Katrine, thanks for the email! Hope all is going well, you should have 2 letters waiting for you in your mailbox within a couple of weeks! Hope you are enjoying your summer!

and onnnnnnnnnn to the week

So, this week has had some ups, and some downs. Basically, started off thursday with a trip to the mission office to get a training on how to do interviews and trainings and other things like that. That was fun, it is always great to see the other missionaries and the office mishies. We had a lot of fun talking and learning and all that stuff.

After that, however things took a bit of a nose dive. Elder Gouveia got really sick, and was hardly able to walk for a couple days. So, friday and saturday we basically stayed at home while he recovered. However, by Sunday he was pretty much all the way better. Church was awesome, there was a sweet party for Father's Day (Father's Day here was Sunday) with tons of people and food. Believe it or not, but we had some 15 investigators in church on Sunday! Holy Muffins! I will send some pics of the party.

Also, we have been having some HUGE progress with one of our investigators...Alexandre. I think I have already talked about him, but just for some background he is about 24 years old and is the son of a very active sister, and less active dad. He has been going to church for a while, but has never wanted to get baptized because that would mean giving up his parties, beer, and cigs. However, Sunday he told us that he had quit drinking and that he was going to smoke his last cig that night! He will hopefully be baptized next saturday, so pray with us! He is a way good guy, but unfortunately is in a custody battle over his 3 year old son...and the Mom definitely isn't very nice. He said his reason for wanting to be baptized would be to be able to be a better dad, and have the Lord bless him with his son!

Also, we have been able to touch bases with some other investigators, and they are making some great progress. I have never had so many different investigators ACTIVELY reading the Book of Mormon! It is incredible, amazing the difference that reading personally makes in the understanding (of the gospel) and the lives of the people. Hopefully we will be able to get these people into the church soon! Only problem is that they all live pretty far away and aren't in the best of conditions to pay bus passes for the entire family every Sunday, but we shall see here as well.

Today was pretty sweet. Elder Gouveia (it is his Birthday BTW) and I went to Irma Rosangelas house to make some cookies and brownies according the the recipes that GJ sent me. The brownies turned out great....but I kind of messed up on the cookies. They were still good, but they ended up tasting more like sugar cookies instead of good ol chocolate chip cookies....quem sabe.

Everyone/Anyone....if you can, send Elder Gouveia a birthday card....he would realllllly appreciate it, even if he can't read english!

Miss you...Bry

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