Thursday, August 20, 2009

I finally have two shoes!

Pictures: First, a little ironic. This is a food stand at the Sao Roque Festival that is run by nuns. If you look, you can see that the first item on the menu is beer. Pictures of my old worn out shoes, they've been like this for months. Also latest pic with my companion...

Hey...So first things first, the package arrived!!! I am now using 2 new shoes!!! Wahooooooo. (We had to send Bryan new shoes in 2 separate packages so they wouldn't get stolen. The first package took about 3 weeks to arrive, the second package took 2 all he had was one new shoe) I will send some pictures of the old editons. My gosh, I didn't realize dress shoes could get so beat up. Thanks for everything in the package. (So we sent things like peanut butter, Axe toiletries, razer blades, beef jerkey, always pictures, batteries, cheezit's) Also, I did receive the package from Grandmother and I sent her a letter today! Glad that Grandfather had such a good birthday...loved the cat was perfect. I can't believe Elder Clifford (from Bry's mission, now home), already has a date with my sister, that safado! Haha, let me know how he's doing, he was an awesome missionary.

One more shout out to Elder Cruz.....E ai cara! Obrigado pela email! E otimo que voce ta meecrevendo toda semana haha, mas da saudades de nosso companheirismo! Nao acredito que steven talvez vai ser famoso tambem! Mas, sempre lembra ele da missao! E, eu mandei uma carta pra voce hoje...para seu aniversario. Espero que cheque ja!

And Katrine, thanks for the email! Glad that the letter got there already. Must be a record this time...usually it takes like 2 months.
onnnnnnnto the week

Well the week started off with a division. It was pretty good. I went to Votorantim, a city just on the outskirts of Sorocaba, the big city out there in the interior. I stayed with Elder Cipriano, a recent convert who is just finishing his mission. He will be going home September 9th. But he isn't that trunky and is working harder than ever. It was pretty cool, I went there to be able to do my first interview! The kids name is Igor, and was way freaking smart. I couldn't believe how much that 12 year old knew! He was baptized over the weekend.
After this, it was back to the normal work. The coolest story this week comes from we were able to finally get a couple of our investigators to church. Elder Gouveia and I woke up at 5:30 to be able to make the hike out to their house which is in a neighborhood very far out of town. Unfortunately, only the Mom and one son came with us as the other family members had some excuses. But, we got them finally! They loved the church. Especially Jilson, the son. He had a fun time in Primary. We were able to go to church again with them this Sunday! Wahoo!.

In other stories, Alexandre, that guy was making a lot of progress, fell off the boat. He was going so strong keeping away from cigs and beer! But, you can only be so strong until you put yourself in the line of fire. His brother convinced him to go out with him and his friends, and Alexandre was able to resist alcohol and cigarettes for the first two offers, but on hte third he fell. But, he was feeling pretty bad about it and wants to give it another shot. This time, his date is for the end of September.

Good luck to everyone, I love ya and miss ya! (and you grandparents!, can't give me hard time this time Grandfather!)

Ate Mais!


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