Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sporty Occulos

Pictures: First is Elder Gouveia and I using my sporty occulos (sunglasses)
Second is o templo de sao paulo

Olá ! Seu filho é muito chique !Ele é um garnde amigo . Ele está muito feliz por me conhecer . Um grande abraço !
Elder gouveia wanted to write a little message to you. he said
HeyYour son is way awesome. He is a great friend. He is happier and a better person because he has me as a friend (not directly translated, but that was the feeling)

A big hug!

Hey Fam!

Glad that kelsey got all moved in and everything! How is the dorm? She liking everything so far? Is there just tons of excitement and everything in the air? Im sure there is...i bet kels is having too much fun.

Thanks for all the little infos that i was looking for. Ok, so, some shout outs to
KATRINE. Got your letter! Well, the second one..i guess. I still havent gotten the bigger one that you said you sent..this one got here in about a week! Will reply asap
LAUREN. Got your letter! Thanks! Hope everything is going well! Will reply asap
Sarah and Dale! HOLY CRAP! You guys rock! Thanks for the awesome envelope and pics and stuff. I missed camp this year! Glad to hear the kids asked about me.
Amy. Yes, ditto. I echo the sentiment. It is definitely the day the earth stood still. look forward to the letter.

Onnnnn to the week

The week went pretty well, actually. We have been able to see some huge progress in some of our investigators. First off, we were able to mark a date with Claudia, Inês's daughter. We have been teaching them for a few weeks and already marked a date with Ines, but Claudia was a lot more unsure. However, last week we were able to teach about the gospel of christ (faith, repentance, baptism, gift of holy ghost, endrure til the end) and she felt the spirit strongly and committed to baptism! Yahoo! Also, we were able to get another new person to church. remember last week that story that we woke up early and walked to bring a family to church, but only got 2 of the 5? Well, this week, same family, but different person went...the father. He said he liked chruch a lot. Even cooler is that the entire family committed to go with us to Stake Conference this weekend! It will be pretty cool, especially since the presidency is changing and President Ellis (area president) will come to run the biz.

Also, this week was temple week. Ever three transfers (4.5 months) we get to go to the temple in sao paulo and do a session. So, to be abble to do this, Elder Gouveia and I had to get a late night bus yesterday to stay the night at the Zone Leader´s house. Then, we had to wake up way early to be able to get the bus that was going to the temple. It was great. The sun was shining, but it wasnt TOO hot. Also, i love the temple, i was able to receive a lot of answers to my prayers and my questions. Way cool. Also, i was able to see Dr. Wilson today! Not sure if he is reading this blog, but if so, HEY!
We gotta go!

Well, i hope all is well! Sorry this email is a little short but im a little scatter brained and tired. OH! Cool thing. When i was at the temple today i met a ton of the missionaries that are in the CTM! Was way cool. Unfortunately, i did not meet Elder the new elder from Texas...he must have gone to the campinas temple today, or yesterday...whenever his pday is. I did, however, meet some 12 elders that will be come to our mission in two weeks! Haha, they are so scared of the language...i remember those days....but i learned, am always learning, and the lord makes me always stronger for it!

Love you all...

Elder Bry

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