Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mud Everywhere...

Sorry, no pictures this week...Quick shout outs to:Katrine, i still havent gotten your letter, but i sent one to you today. Elder Rau, hope you get the letter. Grandfather!

onnnnnn to the weeek So, this week was transfers! That is the biggest news. However, neither Elder Gouveia nor I was transferred. Another six weeks hooorah! But its all good, hopefully this transfer we will really be able to make some progress in the area.

We have been working really hard to find some good new, strong investigators, and we havent made a ton of progress, but we are seeing other progress with some of the investigators that we have. For example, with one pair of boys who are the sons of a less active member, when we started the lesson with them they didnt want to go to church or read the BoM, but by the end of the lesson they had felt the spirit and had experienced a change of heart, commiting to go! Was pretty cool.

Also, it has been raining like cats and dogs here lately! Seriously, wet feet are the worst! The other shoe hasnt arrived yet, (2 shoes sent in separate boxes) so i still am using my older shoes, and in classic mish style, they have some very excellent holes. The other thing is that there are still a few unpaved roads around here, and it is absolutely ridiculous how much mud i have been in. That darn mud just gets everywhere!!!!

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