Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chicken Feet for Dinner

First picture is of all of us at the baptism. Second is of the amazing stewed chicken feet. Third is of, yes, APPLE PIE! I love this lady, she made actual american style apple pie. I almost died of happiness. Fourth is of a sweet Family Home Evening that we had with our ward mission leader and an investigator family. Fifth is me and my baptism, Christianne.
Well, first off, i gotta just send my best to Gabe. I really hope that he gets better. As Gabe has also been a great example to me, also to Sean and Nathan I am pretty sure. I had a lot of good times with him, I hope he gets through this.
First things first, hello to Grandmother and Papa Jim. I hope you are enjoying your visit to Central Oregon. Grandmother, I am going to send you a letter tomorrow, but I am sending it to Anacortes...I already addressed the envelope and everything. That is so cool that there are going to be so many people there for Kelseys graduation. Way cool indeed. Hello to Brayden, when you arrrive, and also to Grandpa Chuck!
Also, I am glad that the missionaries were able to come over and do such a good job. I have been playing like a madman for a while. I know that something good will happen, just look to Mosiah 27:10ish...there it is the father praying for the son, but I am doing a dosido and switching it around. Dad said that he has been gradually feeling better.
Onnnnnn to the week.So, the big news of the week was that we had another two baptisms! YEE HAW. So, the week started out with a division (I went to sorocaba to spend a couple days with Elder Romero) so that one of the zone leaders could do the baptismal intreviews. Of the three candidates, two passed. The third, Carol, didnt pass just because we think she should go to church a little bit more before baptism...her new date is june 20th.
So, the division was a lot of fun, I joked around with Elder Romero quite a bit, he is a pretty cool guy. And then saturday i returned to Sao Roque for the baptisms. First, there was an integration activity for the youth at the church. We had a film going, called challenging giants, or something like that. It is a christian film about a football team. Was pretty bomb. Afterwards, we had a very successful scavenger hunt/scripture chase there at the church. Was awesoem!
The baptisms went very well. Elder Matos baptized the mom, Benedita, and I baptized her daughter, Christianne. Was awesome. Christianne was scared that i was going to let her drown for some i made the whole thing as quick and relaxed as i could. Overall, everything went very smoothly. After the baptism, we went to a members house to celebrate.
ANNOUNCEMENT!!! I Finally ate some really weird food. You would not believe how excited i got when i saw what the family had prepared...a big ol pot of chicken feet! haha, it was actually pretty good. They are a bit annoying to eat though, cuz they are absolutely chock full of bones. But yeah, it was a lot of fun.
The rest of the week has been pretty normal and has gone pretty well, except for one really funny story about the bathroom...but i dont need to tell that one. However, today will be pretty exciting. We have an awesome irmâo in our ward, her name is Rosangela. She makes ammmmaaaaaaaazzzzzzing food, and really loves to take care of the missionaries. So, since her birthday is tomorrow, Elder Matos and I are going to her house to make some peanut butter cookies. I literally cannot wait. SOOOO GOODGood luck with everything Kelsey! This is going to be one of the funnest times of your life! Enjoy it! Sing well and don't trip when you go up to get your diploma! Elder Briggs

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