Monday, June 29, 2009

...felt like Jim Carey from the Mask

Surprise birthday parties for Bry
Thanks to everyone to who sent me birthday wishes! made for a pretty good birthday. As i start, want to give shout outs to Braydon Anderson and Amanda Krulish for the awesome birthday emails! Thanks guys! Also to Grandma Jeanie! And i guess shout out to lauren for sending my sister a letter with some sweet advice in it about byu...yeah
Also, today, i am pretty darn tired cuz i spent the ENTIRE day trying to catch up on writing letters. I wrote eight! So, here we go Elder Kevin Walton Elder Jonathan Fischer Elder Dean Spencer Elder Josh Coleman Triple ACuz!Dale and Sarah Grandfather You guys will have letters in the mail soon! I will send them out tomorrow or friday, so you can expect something in the mailbox in two to three weeks!
So, this week was pretty intense. Went by suuuuuuuuper slow. I dont know what it is, but the first week of the transfer always seems to take forever! Or maybe its just cuz i was getting used to the new companion or something...not really sure what the whole deal is. But anyways, the week has gone by, with some interesting new developements. First things first, we have been able to find a couple of cool new people. One is named Fabio, and he is 18 years old. He is a great guy and pretty intelligent, but the only problem with him is that he really likes to play the bible bashing game. However, things are going pretty well. He actually has a desire to know the truth, and so he is reading and praying, so i know that he will get his answer.Also, We had a pretty cool fireside on sunday about family history work. I guess that the church has a NEW site to do all the geneology work. However, it is still in beta testing stage. For example, brazilians have access to it but people from provo dont...go figure! Who knows if it will work for everyone back home.
The big news of the week, I AM TWENTY YEARS OLD!!! How i managed to survive for twenty years is beyoooond me haha. But no, it is pretty exciting, but i must admit that i am feeling pretty darn old. The day went pretty well though. We started out with an awesome district meeting in which our DL talked about the meaning of our missions, success as a missionary, etc...basically was a good missionary pep talk. After that, we ate lunch at home, made some contacts in the street, and then started going to our appointments. Long story short, three different families threw me mini birthday parties! It was awesome! Although i think i am in some severe danger of diabetes...i ate sooo much cake hahaha. But yeah, it was awesome. The coolest one was when i received a surprise party from some of my recent converts! I must admit, i was pretty touched. I felt like Jim Carey from the Mask...YOU LOVE ME<>
Oh, the funny story of the week. We were going to have a baptism on saturday. We had a division friday, so that Elder Mosiah, the DL, could come to the baptism interview. Just as we were arriving to Carol´s house, we saw her sister. The sister was like, so, carol still can be interviewed today, but she cant be baptized tomorrow.. Of course, i got a little bit scared, and i was like, why not? She nervous? The sister: no no no, everything is good, just she had a litle accident and yeah, cant tomorrow, but next week eveyrthing is fine. I got concerned again, and asked if carol got hurt and if everything was all right. So, we entered, carol was interviewed and passed with flying colors. But yeah, it was just funny, cuz as we were talking to carol´s mom she said, yeah, carol is having a little problem right now, a CYCLICAL problem, if you catch my drift. So i started laughing and yeah, thats the story. If you didnt get it, you werent supposed to. Anyways, now carol will be baptized Friday night! Woot! I cant wait.
PS. Mom is gone for a few weeks so Grandma Jeanie will be the master blogger. Sorry this was a few days late due to Mom going to Girls Camp.

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Don Layton said...

Grandma Jeanie is doing just fine. And I think Elder B is doing great too. I love reading his letters.