Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Absolutely Ballin Sliding Tackle...

Photos, see below too: Making Peanut Butter Cookies, Zone Conference, and playing Soccer.

thanks for helping me out with the addresses mom! keep working on claire costa, also could you find bre aasland and bethanie nettleton? Maybe even Tad´s mission address. Thanks!

So, yeah, i was just walking around on friday, and it hitt, kelsey is graduated!!!! Congratulations!!!! I feel so old right now haha. I am glad that the week went so well. Kelsey really is quite the all star isnt she. I am glad she was able to have such a special time, wish i could have been there. Well, at leasst you guys can still photo shop me into a picture or two!
Give kelsey and extra hug for me.
Also, the package arrived!!!! Thnaks mom! THnaks dad! tHANKS Grandparents! So, i got it, and i opened it, devoured those oh so delicious wheat thins, and then stared at the presents for five minutes with the intention of waiting til my birthday to open them....yeah, you know how the story finishes...i opened them all haha. Thanks for the dvds and the cds! They were great! Also, thanks to jacot for the letter and the cds as well! Traz saudades.
Some shout outs to the awesome people that sent me letters! I didnt have any time to write reply letters today, but that is another story....
To the king of FOND, keep doing what you do, i will try to write back next week
To Elder Walton, sounds like you are doing great bud! Dont let the office corrupt you!
To Grandfather, thanks for everything! I will write as soon as i can....i especially liked that favorite line of yours that you like to say to me....
OKKKKKKK ON TO THE WEEKIt was a pretty normal week. We baked some bomb peanut butter cookies last pday. Then, thursday was pretty normal. Friday was a very good zone conference, president talked a lot about some cool doctrinal stuff.
Saturday was a great day. Elder Matos and I walked a TON, but we found some awesome new investigators. We were in a neighborhood called paisagem colonial, trying to contact a reference that we had received. First off, the reference went all right, it was the son of a pastor of a small church there in the neighborhood. But, he was fairly non agressive (the son was worse, but more on that later). As we were walking, i felt the need to talk with a man that was seated on the side of the road. to our surprise, he invited us in and we taught his family. His name is Miguel, and he has a wife, Marlienne, and three kids. We were able to commit all three of them to baptism! It was awesome. They are a family not in the best of conditions, financially, but they have hearts of gold. I hope that we can help them out.
Sunday was an intresting day, just because we walked a ton. My goodness, i was sooooo tired at the end of that day. Fortunately, we were able to find some cool new investigators as well and have a great time at church.Monday and tuesday as pretty much been all dedicated to our current investigators. we had a good family home evening on monday with Carol, one of our baptism dates, where we watched with them The Legacy and talked about how we can also leave our own legacies of faith for our families. Was pretty awesome.
However, the story of the week is alllll about today. We had an awesome bi-zone activity today. Elder Matos and I slept over at the Zone Leader´s house (some CRAZY uno went down) and then went to a members house to play soccer and eat churrasco (brazillian barbecue). The only problem was that it has been raining pretty intensley all day. BUT, that made the soccer even better. Gosh, i dont think that i had played soccer since elementary school! But yeah, it was a lot of fun, especially in the pouring rain. I scored two goals today and had an absolutely ballin sliding tackle to steal the ball from one of the brazilians. Yeah, i felt pretty cool.
Love you all, Elder Bry


Curt said...

Hello, I love your blog! Our son is in the Sao Paulo MTC now, and will be serving in the Goiania mission towards the end of July. I noticed that you sent a package to your son. Can you give us any advice on the best ways to send packages to Brazil? (You can just respond to this comment thread).

I appreciate any advice you can give!

Curt Lytle

TIFFANY said...

Happy Birthday Elder Briggs!!! Hope it's a memorable one as I'm sure it will be. Just know that we are all wishing you a Happy Day from Bend, Oregon! Thanks for being so good at writing and posting pictures, it's been fun to keep up on all your hard work. Thanks for all you are doing. Take Care!
~The Howard Family