Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Waiting for letters....

Any new big updates from the gang? I have been waiting for letters from them forever. Please have everyone write me.

So, i guess the first thing off this week is congrats to Kelsey! I heard that she rocked the solo and just everything. So, congrats kelsey! I cant believe you are in the last week of high school! My goodness, how time flies. Perseverar até o fim!!!!Also, congrats to Jim Sansburn on the big day! That is just awesome! Wish I could have been there.Shout out to the Goeslings! Hope all is going well with you all! Alaina, you are going to UW, right? Keep the purple and gold in the blood! BTW, Theresa, thanks so much for that tie that you gave has pretty much been my official chique tie. I use it for the special occasions on the mish.Well, i received a bunch of letters this week! Thanks to Lauren, Caryn, Katrine, Mom, Grandma Jeanie, and a few other Elders!I wrote letters today to Katrine (hope it gets there before July! ps, good luck with the driving lessons!), Caryn (i sent it to Mike and Paula´s house), and some other mishies.

As to the was pretty full.Lets start last thursday. We had our regular transferly interview with the mission president. That was all pretty sweet. it is always good to be able to talk to Presidente Cooley and see how we can improve as missionaries. Plus, found out some interesting stuff about the mission as a whole. After the interviews, i went on a division with Elder Romero from Taylorsville, UT (our LZ) so that the other zone leader could come and interview our baptismal candidates. It was a good division, it is always good going on splits with other elders, always learn a lot.

Saturday was the highlight of the week, as we had a baptism!!! Silmara, 32, was baptized into the church of jesus christ of latter day saints!!! Wahooooooo. It was a great baptism too. The bishop performed it and there were quite a few people there. She was crying afterwards, and also on sunday when she received the holy ghost. It was a very spiritual, uplifting couple of days. It was very cool to see how happy she was. Monday and Tuesday were both a couple of grunt work days. Elder Matos and i knocked a lot of doors, without a ton of results. But, we did find some really chique new families to teach. They are great. One wouldnt even let us leave until we ate dinner with them! Was a freaking awesome dinner as well. I have good hopes for them.

Other than that, we have had to work out a few problems within the ward, some basic disagreements between members. it is funny, people here in Brazil tell the missionaries EVERYTHING. Just the other day, we were talking to another lady, first time we had ever met with her, and she was like, i have never told anybody this before, not even my husband or my parents....etc etc. Crazy stuff.

other good news, this friday we are having zone conference, and also another division! Elder Moura will be coming to Sao Roque to interview some more people for baptism! This is a family of three, mom and three daughters. The son was baptized two months ago, and they have really been amazed by the change in him and in their family. they should all be baptized on Saturday. Benedita, the mom, 62 years old. Christianne, 16, and Carol, 15. Should be an awesome experience. If there is one thing that i know, it is that the lord answers our prayers. i have seen some amazing things so far here on the mission. Elder Boo

So, three of the pictures are from the baptism. the bishop was the one who baptized Silmara. The other is a picture from the division with elder romero.

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