Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eating Currasco in Sao Roque, Brazil

So the first photo is me in front of an actual Ford F250! Man! I never thought i would see one of these here! The member who owns it is pretty cool, yeah, was from his house that i called home on sunday! Next is a picture at the activity, and the last is of the activity.
Oi FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Gosh, talking to you Sunday was just over the top amazing! To actually be able to hear your voices and talk to you all in real time was just good beyond belief. I am such a sap these days though, haah. It was all i could do to not bawl when you guys were talking about how proud you are of me and man, when you all sang happy birthday (June 22)....Im sure all the brazilians in that family were just laughing at me haha...water works! But yeah, it was AWESOME!! Only seven months until we get to talk again! If you think about it, it really isnt that long...there are a lot of milestones to be made in between to keep the mind off of christmas. 1, my birthday. 2, 1 year in Brazil. 3, general conference. 4, 1 year in the field. 5, Christmas! How crazy will that be! Imagine, at christmas time i will only have 8 more months! Whoa, i am trunky right now haha...
So, São Roque is going pretty well. We have some awesome investigators and some great baptisms coming up. Actually, on sunday, it was crazy! We got a gift baptism. A lady whose kids have all been baptized (she hasnt because of some side problems) approached us and asked us to schedule a baptismal interview! She has fixed those other things in her life and will be baptized here in two weeks! How cool. Oh yeah, i am loving the ward here. It is amazing how much energy there is here with these people, with an actual amount of people. On saturday there was a mothers day activity. Oh my gosh! Was crazy! We had 8 investigators there, and it was probably the most energy at a ward activity that I have ever seen! The youth were all dancing and the parents watching and laughing and eating churrasco. (see photos) Gosh, was a ton of fun.
Ok, so a normal day in Sao Roque. Do the normal wake up and study routine. We leave the house at 11 to go to lunch. Then afterwards we start to work. Unfortunately we lose a bit of time waiting for the bus, cuz we have four cities under our stewardship and we have to travel a lot to get to our investigators and our meetings with the bishop and the ward mission leader. So, we do this, taking buses and teacfhing, until night time, then we go back to the house, plan, go to bed. Basically it is the same as in Boituva, just with a lot of time lost on the bus.
I am still getting used to Elder matos. He does things a bit different than Im used to, but it will be a good transfer with him. His full name is Amon de Tarso Matos Santos, and he is from Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil. The funny thing about him is that he kind of looks and talks like someone from our past....Mr. Matthew Fuller.
Quick shout out to Katrine! Sorry! I have not received your letter yet! But I am confident that i either will next thursday or friday in the week after next! Hope all is going well with you!Also, sent letters today to the Amester, Miss Lytle, The now legal adult jamaican dinosaur formally known as my Baby Sister, waaaaah hah. Hope they get to you guys soon! Amy, sent yours to your bend address, cuz i dont know how much longer you will be at school. Thanks... Bry

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