Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hello from Sao Roque...

So, goood bye Boituva, hello São Roque.
My new companion is Elder Matos, although i dont know where he is from very well, I will have to do some investigating. But yeah, so, I am very far away from everything again. But, even better, i know have the largest area in the mission! Four, count em, Four cities are part of my area. My goodness, lots of buses.
So, bad news, i will have to call on Mother's Day probably when you will be at church...because the member lives far away and yeah, at night won't work because we have to get back to the house at a certain time. Sorry!
But, I am very happy, this new area is Beautiful! Seriously, an incredible city...i cant wait to get exploring here.
The last week in Boituva was fairly interesting, lots and lots of stuff went down, needless to say, i was not expecting a lot of it. But, all we need is to keep on pushing forward and we will reach our goals. There are always setbacks, always problems in life. One of the secrets is learning how to roll with the punches and then return your own to win the fight. I will miss Boituva though...of course, i was born there! Plus i stayed there for almost six months putting my heart and soul into the area. As a result, i am very happy with how i spent my time. The area is lights years ahead of where it was when i got there with Elder Martins...proof that if you put your shoulder to the wheel and just keepon pushing, the Lord will do His part and bless you with the success you need.
Oh! Also, i forgot to say thanks for all the awesome seattle postcards! Give Boo a shoutout for me, cuz i cant email her. Alright, sorry, not much more extra time. This email isnt incredible detailed cuz of the frazzledness that occurrs because of the transfers.
Shout outs to Lauren Lytle, Amy Jones, Kelsey, Mom, Grandma Jeanie for the awesome letters! Thanks! I will write next week!

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