Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lasagna & Dessert!

First picture, Silmara. She is going to be baptized on Saturday!Second picture, me teaching the brazilians how to play finger chess. I hope the king of fond is please with my valiant service. Third, me rocking out on a member´s drumset. Four, the trunky tower finished!
HAPPY WEDNESDAY EVERYBODY!!!!!! (My P-Day) Gosh, dont you all just love the holiday that comes in every week? I know I do! Quarta-Feira é o melhor dia que tem! I just bought a sweater....its starting to actually get cold here in São Roque! Well, it is still hot during the day but mornings and nights are definitely a bit chilly. Soon i will probably buy a jacket, probably around the fourth of july or something. But first off, thanks to Jack & Carol and Uncle Dick! Question, did jack and carol ever get my letter?...As for the next letter, can you put in some $1 bills? It is just a fun souvenir to give to brazilians.
And here is a shout out to the sister from Texas!! What is your son´s name? You are going to have to tell me when he gets here on the mission so i can greet him and show him the ropes! Lol, as if i know anything special. But yeah, that it way cool that there are other people following along out of the regular social circle. A missão São Paulo Norte é a missão mais forte! AKA this is the best mission there is. Just to help get your son excited. But seriously, even here in Brazil this mission has the best reputation as the mission that really gets people to be the best missionaries/grow the most...Anyways.............on to the work!!
So, São Roque is going pretty well. It is pretty exciting, we are going to have at least one baptism this saturday! The other baptism interview is tomorrow night, but i am confident that everything is going to go through. But yeah, it is pretty cool here. It is hard to really be an effective worker here, because everything is so spaced out. Like I said, we have four cities in our area and we are going regularly to three of them. Gosh, I sure know how to ride the ônibus now haha. Even tonight we will be taking some buses to one of the other cities, Mairinque.
The ward is still pretty awesome. My goodness, some of the sisters here in the ward make some INCREDIBLE food. I had some lasagna the other day, oh wow. Its not that I dont like rice and beans, i do, just it is amazing to get a change up. Also, they are following the classic mormon trend in being masters of the sugary world. How wonderful. I hope i dont gain too much weight here haha.
But yeah, basically what i have been doing here is working a lot with the investigators that they had before in this area, we teach a lot of recent members and less actives, and then they help us get to know people who are investigating the church. It is a pretty good system, because as we strengthen the member families it almost automitically strengthens the investigators that are either friends or related. It is a fun way to work. Every once in a while we end up knocking doors (actually standing outside the gate and clapping hands) and that works out all right. Unfortunately we dont get a lot of real strong investigators like this, but the the thing about the Lord is that He leads you to the people needing the gospel. It is pretty cool, I ran into a guy the other day that has been really needing some help. We have helped him get back onto the path of turning his life around and saving his family. Rewarding.
The other news is that tomorrow are the regular every transfer interviews with the president. Should be good to get to talk to him and his wife in person.
Elder Bry

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