Wednesday, April 29, 2009

May is going to be a wet month!

Here we goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Ok, so, to start out, gotta say thanks to grandma jeanie for the information about nathan and sean! SOunds like they are doing great...although i still havent received a letter from them yet. Gosh, i dont even know if they even received my letters...isnt south american postal service fun!Secondly, thanks grandfather for the awesome email, and all the information. Sounds like a winner! I cant wait to hear more. Braydon, glad you are having fun in the good ol OR, and good luck with the socal adventure.... Alright, i did receive the package with the rubiks cube last week, thanks mom! Its been great, and yeah, the peanut butter and gatorade has been awesome. Also thanks for all the great pictures and everything! As for what i want for my birthday, still just church DVDs CDs of MOTAB, Classical music, maybe Jacot could hook us up with some good CDs. Other than that, just more pictures and letters. Also, i am kind of missing cheezits and wheat thins. Some good old american food would be great. That would be cool.
Onnnnnnnnnn to the week. Last week wasnt that eventful. Thursday was zone conference in Sorocaba, and over the weekend we taught a lot. Oh, some cool stuff is that we have been getting a few less actives to come back to church. Sunday was a miracle day. Elder Cruz and I just didnt stop teaching! Usually what happens out here is you go to an appointment, its good, go to another, it falls, go to another, it falls, go to another, teach, others fall, etc. But, on sunday, everything held up, it was AWESOME! We have some awesome new investigators, and we have gotten a few more people committed to baptism! May is going to be a very wet month for the branch of Boituva. Very wet indeed. Monday was a division so that our zone leader Elder Pereira could come out to Boituva to give the baptism interview to Carlos. First off, that day was pretty exciting. I was working in Sorocaba with Elder Krugman from socal. It was a great day, we commited three people to baptism and taught some awesome other lessons. Plus, Elder Krugman is an incredible leader and I was able to learn a lot from him about being a missionary. Great experience. Anyways, Carlos passed the baptism interview with flying colors and will be baptized this saturday! WAHOOOO! Even the stake president is going to come out for the baptism and sing a song with his wife. Going to be pretty spectabulous.
Yesterday was just an awesome day also. I taught one of the most spiritual lessons of my life with Felipe, son of Carlos. He is 17 years old and has been going to church for a few weeks, but he is worried that if he enters the church he wont have time to continue with his studies and everything. However, last night the holy ghost was incredibly strong and just gave me word after word after word, truly filling my mouth and telling me what to say. Long story short, the promise in 2 Nephi 33:1 came to pass. What a lesson! Just for all of you to remember as well, you are a unique and special child of God, chosen to come forth at this day to fulfill your truly limitless potential.
Miss you tons. Give all a hug for me! Elder Squig

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