Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 21 update - no pics this week

Hey Mom!!!

Sorry, today is coming in a little late because of some things that went down today. First off though, glad that you all ahd fun in San Francisco! Sounds like it was a blast....and no, i have never been to alcatraz...i did watch the movie The Rock though....so that ALMOST counts. HAha
And yes, i just got a package today!!!! With shorts peanut butter candy flash drive, it was awesome. Thanks mom! Saved my life haha. Gosh, it is kind of funny how obsessed i am with peanut butter these days....probably when i get home i am going to be obsessed with eating rice and beans (but dont count on it...ugh. rice and beans are alright, but seriously, every day does get a little bit tiring)

and for me to write anna i need her address...or should i just write home? is she still going to be staying with you guys this summer? glad to hear she was alright though.

just a quick shout out to caryn!!!! HI CUZ!!! HOPE YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!!

Ok, on to the semana.

This week was actually pretty awesome, to tell the truth. Elder Cruz and I taught like bandits (that is to say a lot...not illegally or anything) and we had a ton of spirtitual experiences. The best one was probably with a 18 year old girl that we are teaching named juliana. She is the friend of a member and has been going through tons of stuff recently. She already has a son and just split up with her boyfriend cuz of some other stuff, and she is between a rock and a hard place right now. But, we taught an incredibly spiritual lesson about the atonement on sunday, talking about how Christ did it for HER, and was thinking of HER specifically during those painful hours. Just the same as it applies to everyone, but i dunno why i said it, it was a true testament of the spirit filling my mouth and speaking through me. Then we invited her to baptism at the end of the lesson and she was like ´baptism?´ we said,´úh huh´ she said ´claro que eu aceito!´ being translated means of course i will be baptized! Pretty awesome. We have also been able to find some awesome new families and mark some other baptisms with people, plus it has been great really being able to talk to people this week, and start the healing process in whatever problems they may have...whether it is drug addiction, bad marriage, etc. It has been an awesome week.

Then, to cap it all off, we all went to sao paulo to the temple today! It was a great experience. It is always a lot of fun when you get a lot of missionaries together. Tons of great guys. And then yah, the temple is just an incredible experience. It is amazing the power of the spirit that you feel there...i was able to receive some answers to my prayers that i have been waiting for for a while, it was way wayyyy cool.

Elder Bry

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