Thursday, April 2, 2009

Allright, so, here we go on the backwards of them is elder cruz and I eating my first chinese food here in brazil! We ate a a chain called China In A Box, it was pretty good..but a little bit pricey for missionaries. Another is just of Cruz and I in the house before church. Another is cruz and I in a bunch of trees, Another is me taking a classic sacred grove pictureand another is me and my zone right before transfers. Yee haw!

Ok, Im still in Boituva with Elder Cruz. I was scared that I was going to get transferred, but the Stake President likes us a lot and I am pretty sure put in a good word with President Cooley haha. Goodness, our stake president is hilarious. But yeah, I am still here in glorious Boituva, at least until May 6. I am pretty happy about it too. Elder Cruz and I have a great companionship going, and we ahve a lot of people we are hoping to get wet this month. I* will go more into detail about them in a bit.
So this week has been pretty interesting. Has a few highlights. First, I got to give another sacrament meeting talk. And not jsut a normal talk, but I was the 3rd speaker, meaning that I got to have fun making my talk longer than I prepared for haha. Anyways, my topic was amor ao próximo, aka love thy neighbor. Went really well, of course talked about the good samaritan, talked about Mosiah 2, talked about sermon on the mount, lots of good things. B Ut yeah, was pretty fun. Woot.
Another highlight is that we have another excellent investigator right now who I am pretty confident we will be able to baptize either this transfer or the next. Her name is Juliana. She is 18 years old and has a kid and isnt married, so that complicates matters a bit. BUT, she has been reading the book of mormon and praying and she has told us that she received the answers to her prayers and that she KNOWS that this church is true. Cool stuff. She is the friend of one of our members and yeah, its been good. (Hint Hint Kelsey, introduce your friends to the mishies) She has even committed to make the journey to Sorocaba with us this sunday to watch general conference! She is one of like 12 people that have said that they will go with us. Wahoooo.
Next, Evandro. I think i have already talked about him, our 14 year old investigator that wants to serve a mission and always calls me Bryan instead of Elder Briggs. I dont get it, he calls Elder Cruz Elder Cruz, but me, I told him my first name and he just wont let go of it haha. But yeah, he is a stud. We have a date marked for him next weekend, and even better, he is already committed in his mind to serving a mission. Plus, he is trying to learn english and i have had some fun teaching him things like Dude, whats up, and kowabunga.
Finally, Carlos and family. These guys are a golden family. It is very rare to find people as open and loving as they are. I am still way excited that we found them and that we are able to teach them and help them come unto christ. However, We have decided to push back their baptismal date a bit because the mom, Marli, still hasnt gone to church and we feel she needs to ´conhecer a igreja e desenvolver o testemunho dela um pouco mais.´ But, it is still great. This entire family also will be going to general conference with us, not just sunday but maybe saturday as well! yAHOO! I am soo excited for general conference.
The opportunity to hear the prophet and apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ is definitely something special. For some reason, it takes special impact for me now that I am on the mission. Sure, before the mission it was cool, but now it is one of my most awaited events! It is going to be awesome. It is an especially good mish opportunity, people can not help but feel the spirit when the prophet is speaking, and they understand really what the church is like, what it is all about. Also, its good for us in Boituva because we get to take our investigators to see a real chapel, and Brazilian chapels are amazing.
So, my invitation this week is for everybody to watch general conference this weekend...and to make the effort to not just watch at home but to go to the church and watch it there (at least for one of the sunday sessions), and perhaps take notes. Gosh, I cant wait.
H Ope everything is going great! Oh, could you ask grandma jeanie to send me a copy of my priesthood line of authority??
Oh, shout outs to Elder Kevin Walton...congrats on the success there in Tampa! Will try to get a letter out to you soon.
Also a shout out to Katrine, thanks for the heads up on the letter and have fun in Spain!
Glad Kelsey has gotten those letters and that she is writing back and seriously makes a big difference in the lives of the missionaries... it is one of the only things that is a 100% guaranteed good day when you receive a letter from a girl haha....Goodness, just passed 6 months and I am already thinking about 1 year haha, need to control myself. Of course, tell Dale that I say hi, and to not mess up your computer too bad. Plus, I wanna know what games he is playing right now........Elder Bry

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