Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Here are some kickin pictures from this week Obviously, one is of my with Evandro before he got wet Another is of me and the coolest little kid ever...Matheus. My goodness, he is a two year old with the vocabulary of a high schooler...some really funny stuff comes out of his mouth haha another is elder cruz and i celebrating with some awesome pizzaand the last is us both with evandro...but take a special notice at my turning blond! haha, pretty you mom! glad that you liked my testimony this week and the story of evandro.
(Not necessarily in the right order)

Oh, I received an awesome set of drawings and a kickin letter from Sarbear! Thanks sarah! Hope the drawing keeps going well and keep me updated on that project of yours! And of course you can name that character Briggs! Wouldnt have it any other way. Oh, btw, sending a letter in return today Plus, thanks to the grandparents for the letter that I received from them and the good information about whats going on at home! It was great! Hope you two are doing great in Anacortes! Miss you guys. Also, I received all of those postcards that you guys sent from palm springs. There is a socal guy in my zone, and he was pretty excited to see all those pictures of places close to his house. Elder Krugman, what a silly b.Yah, Mothers day is going to be awesome! But, I have no way to be able to plan it like i was able to plan the christmas phone call. It is the sunday after i might be in a completely different part of the mission! Honestly, i kind of hope so. I love Boituva, and I have some awesome investigators here and lots of people making the baptism commitment and accepting the gospel, but i have spent a lot of time here...and if i stay for the next transfer, odds are that i would stay for at least two more because of mission math (i dont know why i am trying to guess what is going to happen, cuz it is impossible to get it right).
Plus, for the birthday package, if you are starting to get it ready, I would love to receive some church dvds that i can share with investigators...of course it has to have a portuguese language option...all in a cd book instead of their regular cases for easier transportability.
But anyways, on to the week!!!!!So, this week was awesome...pretty crazy actually. It was the week of Evandro´s baptism!!! So exciting. You want to know the even better part? I performed my first baptism ever! So soooo cool. Evandro is going to be such a stud in the gospel. He is dead set on serving a mission and being a strong example in the church, especially in hoping that he gets his family into the gospel as well. But yeah, it was a great week. We ahve also been able to find some awesome new investigators this week and mark some more baptisms! Lets just say that there are going to be a lot of wet brazilians here in Boituva in May... soooo awesomeBut anyways, on to the story of evandros baptism. He was interviewed last week, and passed with flying colors. However, the difficult part was going to be getting the signature from the parents, has they are both from different religions that dont think too kindly about The Church.
Anyways, we went there last thursday night to talk with them about Evandros choice and what he really wants. It was a bit scary. At first they were talkinga bout how he is too young to know what he really wans, how it is a committment too large for him to take on at the age of 15. Luckily, Evandro was persistent the entire time saying that he KNOWS this is what he wants for his life and that he will stay consistent with the churhc. But, things didnt really change for the better until Elder Cruz and I both felt that we needed to teach the message of the restauration to the parents. My goodness, one of our best first lessons yet. The spirit was so strong. the mom was washing dishes, and at the part about joseph smith she stopped, and was just looking at us, listening intently. And then, when we got to the part of Moroni´s promise, she came over to the table to read the scripture promising that those who read the Book of Mormon and pray about it will receive the truth. Right after, the parents took Evandros baptismal papers and signed them, and promised that they would all go to the baptism on saturday. Was amazing. And then, the baptism went excellently. Such a spiritual experience for everyone. I am very very excited right now.
Once again, i will just bear my testimony about this work, that this is truly the work of the Lord, that ´marvelous work and a wonder´ spoken of in the scriptures. I have seen so many miracles in the lives of people it is incredible. I can say without any doubt that I know that this church is true, that it is His church on the earth, that Jesus Christ is our Savior, the Redeemer of Mankind. I am supremely grateful for my opportunity to dedicate this time of my life to the lord. I have really been able to come to an understanding of the scripture that says that those who lose their life for the saviors sake will find it. I testify that the gospel of christ has been restored to the earth and that we have a living prophet, a man with the power and authority and station of Moses, of Noah, of Adam, of Abraham, of Jacob, of Isaiah, of Peter. There is a plan for our lives, there is always hope. I love you moM! Miss you tons! Miss you dad! Miss you kels! Also, everyone else that is following the blog, i miss you too! Hope everything is going well with you guys and remember that you are all in my prayers. Elder Boo.

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