Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

Oh gosh, talking to all of you guys was almost a dream! I couldnt believe it, just too good to be true. I miss you a ton, it was so nice to be able to hear all your voices! Homesickness hasnt been too bad for a while, but talking to you all yesterday pretty much cured it...I know that you all still exist hah, actually got to talk to you all in real time and hear voices and laugh and cry.

Any news yet on if sean got my letter?? Christmas was pretty fun though, ate a lot of food, talked to you guys, gave christmas messages to our investigators, lots of fun. Just the time of year is awesome to talk with people about Christ, just wonderful.
Some cool things happened with our investigators this week. Remember Maria Souzana? That old lady that we gave a blessing to and she committed to be baptized, and then started to back out? Well, we have a date for her again, end of the month. She KNOWS, she has such a strong testimony about the church, she has received her answers to her prayers. I am pretty excited, I feel the spirit so strong when we are over there teaching her, helping her. Its pretty amazing. We have this other investigator...Geronimo. (Geronimoooooooooooo) haha but yeah, hes pretty cool. The guy is so knowledgable about the bible and about gospel stuff its ridiculous. Our lessons turn from the normal simple lesson into detailed discussions with him...he just knows so much already. Cool things always happen when we are over there teaching him. Just last time, at the end, he was like ´man i just love talking with you guys, learning from you. every time you two walk into the door the air just changes! Just wonderful feelings´ The spirit is always so incredibly strong when we teach i think he will be going to church this sunday! Yee haw. Elder Martins and I are starting to make some good progress now, its pretty exciting. Started out pretty slow here, but then again, i expected it to. I think things are just about ready to explode.

Speakings of explosinos....HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! Hope you have some fun fireworks and good parties planned! Its pretty funny, New Years is nuts here. We have to be in the apartment at 7 pm tonight...and then tomorrow who knows what is going to happen. Everybody is just going to be sleeping. but yeah, this is the biggest party night of the year...second to Carnival of course. I am pretty excited though, we are gonna order some pizza and eat cookies.
OH!!! Almost forgot!! Congrats Tad! Netherlands? Thats pretty sick...definitely wayyyy sick. You are gonna have to send me a letter with your mission address aight? Good deal. Glad thats settled

So, New Years...we have been talking a lot about metas, or goals, with our investigators and our members. Perfect opportunity now to make goals for this new chance at life...a NEW YEAR. Alma 34 32...this is the time that we have to prepare to meet God, this life is the time to perform our labors. Lets make goals, and actually progress. Just like you said mom, you cant just always have to be looking for some way to improve, see how you can be better, improve. Of course, my main goal right now is becoming fluent in Portuguese. There are others, like finishing the book of mormon in Portuguese by General Conference.
One goal that I am challenging everybody to set right now....not very hard. Whenever you are in the street (members and nonmembers) and you see the missionaries, say hi to them. Just walk up, ask how the day is going. Imagine you are saying hi and just chatting with me. It will make a world of difference in their lives. Give it a shot. Just say hi to them.

I know this church is true. I have seen so many miracles in this month and a half since I left the CTM. Prayer is real, the priesthood is real, The Atonement is the best gift ever given to mankind. I KNOW these things. It is not a belief, but a knowledge that I have. The knowledge that we have a living prophet today, that God answers prayers, and that miracles do still happen in the world is such a comfort. Christ is our savior, and if we but ask, and let Him in, we can do absolutely anything in our lives. It says in the New Testament that whosoever shall lose their life for Christs sake will find it. I can testify to that. The work here may be tough at times, but it fills life with true joy. When you are in the service of your fellow beings you are only in the service of your God.Happy New Years Everybody...

Elder Briggs

PS. Dale, Lauren, Katrine, will be sending you letters within a couple days, they are written, just the post office is a little plugged right now

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Don Layton said...

I'll ask Sean about whether or not he got Elder Brigg's letter, but I do know it's pretty difficult for him to get mail in or to send mail out. It costs him about 1/9 of his monthly budget to send one letter out from the jungle. So please ask Elder Briggs to understand if he doesn't write back much until he gets transferred back to civilization.

Very cool to watch him have these great experiences. These are things he will never forget.