Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas Eve Everybody!!!! I cant believe it is here already...GOsh, I remember three christmases ago perfectly....let alone the one last year. I miss you guys a ton, but Christmas here is pretty cool.
So, Christmas Eve is one of the party nights here in BRazil...I like to liken it to new years eve back in the states. And then new years here is just insane. I will talk more about that next week.Lets see, the ZOne CHristmas COnference was pretty legit. We watched a couple movies with President and Sister Cooley, I had to bear my testimony in Portuguese (new brazilians did it in english and the departing missionaries gave testimonies as well). The two movies we watched were A Beautiful Life (I think, the old movie where the main characters are George and Mary Bailey `you want the moon mary?´) was awesome and the other was The Nativity Story. Both were in portuguese, so that made things pretty interesting. Luckily there were portuguese subtitles so i could follow that way. I definitely miss white christmas and miracle on 34th street and all of our favorite movies, hope they are just as good as always!
Saturday was the branch xmas party, was absolutely loco. Were a ton of skits and food and just crazyness. Love the people here, they are so great. Yeah, brazilians are hilarious, always happy and energetic and full of crazy ideas. The food was awesome too. They actually had turkey too! Woot! Talk about good ol home cooking. Im sorry, I keep forgetting to take pictures of food...maybe tonight when we go to a members house for their big celebration.
Today was a pretty interesting pday. Elder Martins and I made the long voyage into Sorocaba to play soccer and eat food. THere were probably 50 elders there hah, was pretty fun. Everyone running around having fun. Dang, some of the brasileiro missionarios are freaking balling at soccer. It was definitely impressive. THe food was great, good ol churrasco, aka barbequed meat sort of shishkabob style, except only meat, no vegetables. Was great. I loved the scriptures mom. Funny thing is, the second one, Moroni 9:21, i just started using recently to help investigators realize the importance of prayer. Great minds think alike huh? Another good scripture for this time of year is of course that in Helamen ch 10ish verses 1-12. I cant remember really right now...sorry.
I miss all of you a ton! I cant believe you are getting so much snow that the concert was cancelled! So so jealous. It is freaking burning up here. I think i might start sleeping with some ice to get into the christmas spirit of cold and snow a little better. Brincadeira haha.
Just got Dale´s letter today! Give him the secret handshake and some food or something. Hes gotta be lonely without his most loyal member of FOND around! Glad he stopped by though, say hi for me and all that stuff. Maybe even play some guitar hero with him haha.
GJ! GOt your package, thank you so much! I am going to open ALL the little presents tomorrow morning, to try to simulate xmas best I can...loved the tie though, gotta have some bronc colors with me!Lauren! Allstar, thanks for the package! Gosh, especially loved the picture that you sent haha. I will write a letter back as soon as I can. Got a couple letters from you too...but yeah, you said there was a pic of the fam but sorry to disappoint ya, there wasnt. I cried. Hard. SeriouslyKatrine! Hope London is treating you well! Got your letter, and will reply as soon as I can!
Merry CHristmas to All, and to All a goodnight!Elder Briggs

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