Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mission Lingo

Thank you soooo much for the package. It did come, and it is amazing. I lovebeing able to open a new envelope everyday and knowing that you guys arethinking about me just as much as i am thinking about you. Makes me feel almostlike i am at home. It is great. I especially love the envelopes with the littlespiritual thoughts in them. Thank you! Plus, i think dad is responsible for thisone, the one with the husky basketball schedule! Just awesome! ...Miss ya and love ya withall my heart. Best family I could have ever hoped for.Quick thanks to sister stephenson! The package from you and the activity daygirls was amazing! I wrote a letter in response, hopefully you get it within thenext month. But the package was incredible, and the cards and the blanket havemade me soo happy. It is wonderful.

So, about the food. The food is pretty decent here. Lots of rice beans and meat. Pretty good, and yeah, basically I am eating one real meal a day. Breakfast is just whatever we have in the apt, which can be bread or cereal or something. Lunch is the big meal of the day, and we are supposed to have it withmembers everyday. However, that has fallen quite a few times so far. With somany inactive members, they usually forget that they are supposed to provide lunch for us. However, when we do get an active member, it is such a good meal. I keep forgetting to take pictures, but its nothing that abnormal, like seans guinea pig picture haha. And of course, Im trying to drink lots of water mom. Especially since it is sostinking hot here! like seriously, 90s and humid, every day. Plus wearing that good ol missionary attire makes things extra sweaty. But, as you know, its allworth it.

The work is so rewarding. For example, yesterday my comp and I walked a bit further than planned because of a wrong map. Basically, eight kilometersto deliver one of the gift DVDs that the church gives to help us talk to people,and to help people get into the spirit of christmas. But yeah, was a pretty farway, and the person wasnt even home! But, last night, we were able to teach two really good lessons. Felt the Holy Ghost so strong, both sets committed to go to church, and i have a feeling one of them (Tiago and Elisandra) will be baptized next month...but we shall see. Baptism is a goal, but shouldnt forget thatbaptism is nothing unless the people are truly ready and will be able to keeptheir baptismal covenants. But yeah, the teaching is going pretty well. We have a bunch of investigators that are progressing, and the one, Maria Souzanna, will be baptized on January17. She is such a neat lady. She is the one that we gave the blessing to. Very,very strong faith. It is so exciting when we talk to our investigators and you can see that light in their eyes that was absent before, see that they are beginning to know God and Christ and are gaining testimonies of their own.

Wednesday is my pday (personal day). And it will be the entire mission, unless I am assigned to the office, but that wont happen, at least for a while. There the pday will be on saturday. Pdays are so wonderful though. Relax, write letters, get to communicate with you! The Fam! Gosh I love it!Thank you so much for telling me about the stuff is going on at home. Makes mefeel connected, and not so much like I am on the other side of the world. It iscrazy though, I have already had two weeks out here in the field! Love the work,even if it can be exhausting at times.

So some fun stuff just for you to know. Mission lingo

Father: Your first companion, your trainer

Mother: The person that took you out working the first night out of the MTC

Born: I was born in Boituva...aka, the first area of your mission

Die: You die when you leave the mission field and go home

Kill: If your companion is going home at the end of his mission, you say thatyou killed them kind of funny, just thought you would find it interesting.

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