Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Miss the Snow....

Merry Christmas from Brazil...only a few more days.

Oh gosh I miss the snow! I am never going to forgive the weather for not snowing my senior year of high school...oh gosh that was soo lame! Its been pretty stinking hot here. Well, hot, mixed with rain, just good ol tropical weather haha. It rains so hard here. It is unbelievable! Just pounding rain, literally. Elder Martins and I have to take shelter sometimes under little overhangs haha. Then, we clap our hands, hope someone answers, try to teach, then we sprint across the street to another house. Great great fun, let me tell you. So I loved the book that you sent!

Haha, oh no brother lurch i do not like the mormon church (revised words to the Dr. Suess Book, Green Eggs & Ham - Bry's Mom has the revised version) . Just priceless! Elder Martins didnt understand it really though...obviously Dr. Seuss isnt as big in Brazil...completely separate language. But I loved it, made me pretty darn happy.

Um, well, yeah, we never cook for ourselves. Dinner is at 9 to 930 when we finally get back to the apartment. Then it consists of chocolate milk, and then perhaps some cereal, maybe cheetos, sandwich, I dunno, whatever grabs me at the moment. Definitely the meal of kings. But the lunches are pretty good. Thats so cool you are having the mishies over for christmas day. That happens sometimes here, but not with E. Martins and I. Our branch is just too small, and people here are in too humble of circumstances I think to really be able to handle to additional hungry missionaries on their christmas day.

But yeah, I will be calling around noon your time, 6 pm my time. Thats the plan right now at least. And everything should be good, I have got that calling card that you gave me. Im going to give it a try sometime within the next week, just to make sure it works.

So aweseme to hear about the stuff going on at the church! Wish I could be there to see it. SOunds awesome, and a great mish opportunity! Haha, talking and thinking like a missionary. Wish I could hear Kelseys solo at the concert, well, again, know that I will be there in spirit! Ok, Brasil update, not really sure what to put in this email. This past week just absolutely flew by. I do not know why. Its not like we had any huge success or anything. But I guess its just what happens when you lose yourself in this work. We just keep teaching different people and trying to find more people to teach. Thats the cool thing about Brazil, we never ever do Tracting. Every day is all appointments, and then during the day we talk to random people during the day as we are walking to appointments to schedule more appointments. However, a lot of those fall, but enough hold up to be able to teach. Teaching is so great. It is an amazing experience to help people grow closer to God.

Miracles happen out here. Prayers are answered. Just yesterday, we were talking to an old lady that cant read, so we told her to just pray to God and ask if we were true representatives. As we asked her about her experience, we asked if she got an answer:`during no, but after, something just entered into my heart, something so warm and grand and peaceful, i do not know how to describe it. I have been happier the past few days than I have ever been!´it was definitely pretty cool. Plus we are making some good progress with others, but the biggest difficulty is getting people to go to church. A lot of them say they will, but then they end up forgetting. But, put your shoulder to the wheel push along.

This work is amazing, no matter what, it just keeps going, and Heavenly Father is always with us.I should get your package on friday! We are having a zone conference, and yeah, all about christmas. I am definitely pretty excited. Going to wear that santa hat that you included in the advent calendar package. Thank you so much for that! You have no idea how much it helps me everyday. ...Today is the official half way point of my first transfer in the field. Yippee!Email you in 7 days! Talk to you in 8!

oh yeah, some quick mentions, I have sent letters to the following people, so you can expect to get it sometime...not sure when

KatrineCamiCaryn...I know she probably isnt allowed to get on the internet to see this, so just let her know somehow, maybe when she calls home for xmas or something..

AmyHeidiJason....Lost your address for Seatle, sorry bud. Your email, and Mr. Stewarts, are included in Heidis letter. Hope you are able to get them!

Daniel....included with heidi, wasnt sure what your address is oging to be, cuz arent you entering the frat soon?S.

Stephenson...and the activity day girlsand then the entire family!

...I love you! Miss you! But I know this is where I am meant to be. My calling as a missionary is true. I have grown so much, and these experiences are not only to help others grow closer to God, but myself as well. Keep the faith! I love you. The Church is True


TIFFANY said...

I love these letters! It's great to be able to keep up with the missionaries and makes me proud that Elder Briggs is from our ward! Keep up the good work! Merry Christmas!

Lauren said...

I'm so glad this blog is kept going. Aaron saw it up and couldn't even recognize Bryan. You look like a great missionary! Hope you enjoy the Holidays! Sorry there's no snow out there.

Fischer Mom said...

I just love our Brazilian missionaries! I'm so glad Elder Briggs and Elder Fischer will be life long friends.