Thursday, January 15, 2009

Miracle of the Week

...I am so happy that the jazz choir is rocking it again..those werre a couple dark years there...glad the summit is bringing back the tradition, im sure its all cuz of the baby sister, of course. i cant wait to get your letter. OH! The christmas package arrived! Thank you thank you for all of it! The presents were perfect, and elder martins really liked his tie. Also, received the package from grandmother, tell her thank you for me this weekend! And wish her happy birthday!
Wow, this past week was pretty intense. I will start with friday. Had some AMAZING lessons. Committed those two that have been going to church, Jose and Geronimo, to baptism next month! And also committed another girl that we have been teaching, Alexandra, to baptism. Then, after those lessons, the skies just opened. I have never seen a storm like that in my entire life! It was intense. Like, rain coming in sideways, lightning, power outage, trees breaking, river in the street...was pretty fun. My shoes filled with water, even though i was standing under an overhang! was so intense.The next day was a fun activity at the church. Went and cleaned the branch building, and Geronimo showed up to help! That guy is a stud, stayed at the chapel for like 9 hours helping the members clean. The next day, sunday, we were back in the churhc. Geronimo and Jose came again, so it started out pretty well. The rest of the day was pretty weird though. One investigator ended up moving at a moments notice to a different city, and we found out that (name)is going through some pretty rough times. Here is the miracle of the week. We prayed and prayed and prayed, and the next day, he wasnt going to have any food left. One of the members of the ward randomly found his house and offered him a job! Truly a miracle.Gosh, I am loving the mission, i dont think i can say enough how amazing it is to truly witness the hand of the lord in my day to day life. I know that this church is His church on the earth, and that our Heavenly Father still performs miracles in these latter days.

Oh! Quick story for today, i found out that I am pretty bomb at making french toast. Decided to give that a whirl this morning and it ended up going pretty well, will send a picture.Quick shout outs to Grandpa Chuck and Lolly, the Howards, the Larsens, the Raus, the Everetts. Thank you for the christmas cards! You guys rock. Oh ps, i am trying to send elder rau a letter, could you get his address for me? Oh, and btw, i have gotten some stamps from you and from the grandparents. I cant use american stamps to send letters home, so, yeah, i have to use the post system here.I love you Mom! I love you Kelsey! I love you Dad!Miss you guys a ton, but yeah, I know that I am in the perfect place for me, exactly where the Lord needs me to be. The mission is blessing my life so much, and I hope that i can help you feel some of the spirit that i have been able to feel.

Elder Boo

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Don Layton said...

We love Bryan! He sounds like he is doing SO well.