Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reverse Beazered....

Hey fam!!! Thanks so much for the Mr. Cheneys gift certificate, peanut butter, and milkshake, they have made everything pretty darn wonderful haha. (Photo from Mr. Cheney's Store, across the street from the CTM - Things are getting into a pretty regular rhythm, so thats nice i guess. I have been trying to speak all portuguese, but its difficult! The rest of the district has already given up on that goal, and then i keep reverting to english when they are all speaking english and gosh, just one vicious circle...but i have noticed some improvement, so thats cool. We have been doing some cool grammar stuff..but the really frustrating things have been trying to figure out what words to use for This, that, (there are like, 8 different words, no joke) and than how to say would (there is no would, you just conjugate the verb differently, gosh so intense!). But yeah, going pretty good i guessI am starting to do really well in teaching the lessons in English...finally figuring out how to teach by the spirit. Had a really cool experience Monday teaching the third lesson for our milestone. The spirit was really strong, and I was able to answer some questions that the instructor didnt even ask, and then i used some different scriptures than I had prepared, and it just went amazing...i got him (irmao aguiar) to tear up! well, i guess the spirit got him to tear up, i was a little bleary eyed as well. third lesson is my favorite, its about the gospel of jesus christ, and of His love and our potential for happiness. Read the book of Enos, and pay special attention to the last verse, one of my faves now.

Um....oh yeah, been sick for a while hahah, about 10 days, but i am pulling out of it, so i figured i could finally tell you. didnt want you to worry about me! but yeah, was pretty funny, I got reverse beazered (i told you about elder beazer right? he just keeps getting a different disease one after the other, and he never got sick back home) But yeah, i call it reverse beazered because i started with stomache stuff and went to soar throat and fever...and then sinus infection haha. but its all good now. Oh ps, try snorting salt water when you start getting congested or a soar throat...its pretty crazy. It works, but feels like you are drowning during the middle of it...not fun at all haha, great story opportunities though.

Elder Richard G. Scott spoke with us on Saturday. That man truly is an Apostle, it was pretty cool to hear him speak. He is in Brazil to call some new area authorities i think? no idea though. He spoke about the importance of knowing the scriptures, and especially the Book of Mormon. Rementioned that the BoM is the keystone of our religion, because if it is true, then Joseph Smith was a Prophet, this is the restored gospel, and Jesus is the Christ. It was a good talk. He also emphasized the importance of trusting in God. He will protect us, as long as we dont do stupid things. We have a sacred duty, and should not put ourselves in jeopardy. I have heard some stories of some reallly realllllly stupid missionaries...i will have to tell you about them at some other time. Oh yes, plus elder Scott pounded the importance of writing down your spiritual thoughts, as they are personal revelation, and can be tremendous sources of knowledge and comfort for you in your life. Then he shared his testimony about Jesus Christ, which I too have. Again, Enos 1:27.ummmm going proselyting again this friday..going to pretty intense once more. this time we have more than just the original approach. for every lesson there is a shortened version that we make up to use as a street contact. either, the restoration, the plan of salvation, the gospel of jesus christ, or commandments...well commandments i dont think we will do one for since yeah, doesnt make sense to start talking to someone about tithing as the very first thing. i am excited for this time going to be much smoother now that i am a little more comfortable with the language...its really cool, but dang they speak so fast!!! i think we are going to the avenida paulista..but i am not sure at allok, so, general announcement time.

Thank you sooooo much those of you who have been writing me emails! I love them very much, but please, include your address so I can reply to you! And believe me, I will reply. I apologize for the amount of time it takes for my letters to reach you...but I am kind of in South America haha. But serious, I will reply, and I love hearing about everything that is going on.Katrine: thanks for the address, letters have not come yet, but i am sure they will. i will write a letter today. Good luck with the spanish!Amy: I will write to you today as well. thanks for the addressJason & Dan: You guys are garanhãos. plain and simple...i hope i spelt that right hahah go Dawgs! Sent a couple letters to ya. hopefully they come soonSarah: Need to include your address..nice artworkLisa: Love the email, but again, need the address so i can reply!Dale....dale dale dale....dale dale dale....dale dale dalllllllllllle. Um, FOND FTW, not sure what else to say. Oh ps, tell the rest of the members of FOND to write me too...or you guys can just do one big letter of epicness. Everyone else, write me! Love you all! Oh PS, when you are confused seeing I am online on facebook, its my mom. Go ahead and say hi! haha, sure she would get a kick out of that. Oh another PS, if you write me a letter, be sure to send pictures! I can never have enough pictures. But yeah, I really miss you guys alot. Its great to hear that everything is going so well. I think about you every day, got a picture that GJ sent of homecoming and you three at my desk..its awesome. I love you all, and hope that this was a good, fulfilling letter. Miss you tons! Can´t wait for your letters and stuff to start arriving. Eu voces amo MUITO MUITO MUITO!!! O Mundo é pequeno, meu amor é grande. Tchau!

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Kathy said...

I'm so glad I found your blog Elder Briggs! Sounds like you're doing great! I saw your mom last week at church and she seemed so proud when she talked about you. You will be in our families prayers. Thanks for sharing your experiences on your blog and for the awesome example that you are showing to the youth in Bend that haven't seen many locals fulfill a mission! btw I had a boyfriend in college named John Beazer from Canada. I wonder..... lol