Thursday, October 9, 2008

From Brazil...Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bryan's first e-mail from Brazil: Hey, It is pretty crazy, I am in an actual store, an internet cafe pretty much, here in Mesa Verde, Brazil. The CTM here is sooo so much better than the MTC in Provo, i think i have already told you about most of it, but yeah, even though it is wayyy more heavily fortified and much smaller, it feels so much less like a prison. We are actually able to get out and meet actual people and see that the real world still does exist! The neighborhood itself seems a bit run down and ghetto, but thats to be expected i guess. SP is one of the biggest cities in the world..of course its going to have a huge range of social and economic conditions. I would show you pictures...but I am at the wrong internet cafe to do you will have to wait another week or so. But yeah, its pretty sad here...a lot of run down homes, next to nice expensive hihg rise apartments, definitely pretty interesting.

Today was my first pday, and we got to go to the Campinas temple. We go to either Campinas or Sao Paulo every week for a session..but we dont get to choose...i hope i get to see the SP soon. But anywho, campinas was absolutely beautiful! It had these huge majestic archways, the golden moroni sparkling in the sun, and the views of the surrounding area were spectacular...It was so this moment I would have to say that it is my favorite temple..Plus inside was amazing too, really cool stained glass and everything. My companion and roommates are pretty cool, although my roommate Elder Beazer has been really sick...Toncillitis. Hopefully I dont get it, but its all good, he is finally pullling out of it and got to go to the temple with us.

Elder Schooley is my comp, and he is pretty cool. A good fellow nerd for me to chat with! hahaUmmmmmm just sent out some letters today. But i just wrote a short one home, since i was going to be able to do this...gosh i miss everyone a ton. But i know this is where i am supposed to be, General Conference reaffirmed that for me, I know that this is the land where God wants me, and that i have a duty to my fellow man. The Brazillians are amazing btw, everyone is so happy and funny and exciting to be around. Every single one of them hates to let an opportunity slip by to joke with someone and make friends. I simple cannot wait until i can speak their language.Speaking of speaking, portuguese is hard core. Definitely way different than english and french, but its coming..slowly but surely. I know that it is going to take some time for me to become fluent, but it WILL happen, I want it too much for it to not happen. It is such a fun and beautiful language, and I am looking forward to rapping with jonathan in it when i get back.(btw, the leadership here at the CTM remembered Jonathan hahah...but really, who couldnt right? That kid is hilarious)

ummmmmmmm both of my teachers are natives, and they are pretty legit. Irmão Soares is hilarious, he served up north and he is going to Utah State in 4 months, so he is very excited about that. I miss you all a ton!

I will do my best to get recipes once in the field. But yeah, the food here in the CTM is pretty good. Nothing too unique yet, but you can definitely taste the latin influences and everything. Plus the fruit is bananas ever!...So now i am going to get the chance to get some sick brazilian made ties...and SHOES! and a suit! but thats down the road once my stuff wheres out. I do miss peanut butter and reeses, but thats about it.]Oh and about thats the only thing down here, but I am not too sure on how it works. Check it definitely saves some time. And mom, great work on the blog!!!

I have to get going soon.Please tell people to write me! It is a commandment! Literally, writing your missionary was a point in the Saturday Am session of conference...So its not just me wanting mail, but God wants me to get mail..some food for thought ;)Love you all! And miss you terribly! Tchau minha familia


Jeanie said...

Soooo glad to know you're there, you're safe, and you miss us as much as we miss you.

APlitsimons said...

Hey Elder Briggs--Happy to hear you are enjoying your mission. You will be awesome and it won't be long before you will be thinking in Portugese. Kelsey is doing great in AP. Overall, teaching is going well--not all my AP kids love me, but the year is still young. Weather is chilly here--took our 6 grandkids to the pumpkin patch in Tumalo Sat.(44 degrees), but we had a blast. Take care. The gospel brings rich blessings to the poorest.