Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In Brazil?

We haven't yet had a confirmation of arrival, but we are assuming all is well and awaiting updates from Bryan. Yesterday it was great to talk to him, he was traveling with about 10 "newbies" missionaries who had just said goodbye to their families that morning and were flying straight to Brazil. With a few days at the MTC, Bryan was the most experienced Elder and took the lead. He called from SLC and Dallas and we're hoping for some word soon about the rest of the trip -a 10 hour flight from Dallas to Sao Paolo. We did get our first actual letter yesterday, here are a few lines from his letter...
Minha Familia -
Well, I was supposed to write the first night here, but because of my late arrival I did not have the time. I miss home and everybody, but I am figuring out this MTC thing. It is interesting trying to learn Brazilian Portuguese from European speakers, whever they say things I need to remember to pronounce everything the brazil way in my head. It is coming, sometimes in leaps and bounds and other times at a snail crawl. My first companion is Elder Sinden from Puyallup, WA! What are the odds, eh? He is waiting for his visa, but it probably won't come for months (for various reasons, mostly because church sent papers to the wrong consolate at first). He will serve in the Porto Alegre North mission (or missao). I am very ready to get going south. Provo is just fine but it is not where I am meant to be. One strange thing though, I am able to study the scriptures better than I ever have. The time is used, and is not as slow as it has been in my previous experience, but much more interesting! I know it is the Lord. He has called me to the work and will see to it that I have the tools necessary. ..Please tell everyone to meas much as they can. I will e-mail once a week, but it is good to hear from everyone to keep a little bit of me grounded at home. Oh and please have people draw me colorful pictures! Stick figures are just perfect and drawings from people make the room feel much more homey. Love you guys...Elder Squig


Ashley said...

Hi- This is Ashley, Bryan's friend from Puyallup WA. I just saw that his first companion is Elder Sinden. I met him a couple weeks ago and he had his farewell last week! He's a very nice boy! :) What are the odds of that...seriously.

Jeanie said...

We're hoping to get that email address soon as we're saving up all the inside scoop for Elder Briggs! Let us know when that postal strike ends, please!!!

Dawgfan400 said...


Thanks for checking in everybody!
Eu amo voces!