Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October 15, 2008 Update

...well story time. not much of huge import has happened this week. i have down the first two lessons in english, and am working on the first lesson in portuguese. gosh the portuguese stuff is so hard! i can write it out without much help no problem, but as soon as i try to speak it i forget what to say! gosh i need to work on it. they have really been pushing here that we should not stress about the will come, as long as i work hard for it. the lord will take care of it if i truly show the desire and the faith that he can bless me with the gift of tonguesi love it here, brazilians are just awesome. we got brazilian roommates, and they are hilarious. one of them calls himself the ¨Ninja Preto, or black ninja. guy is freaking hard core....has a black belt in tae kwan do and was in the military before coming here on his mission. the other guy is really into learning english, and is pretty cool also. but yeah, both are pretty nice and are always joking around and just being awesome....i have not figured out many brazilian cooking secrets yet..but our teacher makes a mean bbq. what he does is, well, think almost shishkabobs. he puts the meat in only rock salt for a little bit before, and then skewers the meat tightly around the stick, and lays it over the coals. it was pretty dang good, but yeah, it was tough for him to explain. he speaks good english but its definitely not....we go proselyting for the first time on friday...its going to be way intense. we are just going to some park, they give us a bunch of cards and books of mormon, and we just have to go place them, using portuguese of course. its going to be pretty scary, but brazilians are nice, and i have got enough down to be able to say what i need to say in 30 seconds...but seriously, going to be really really crazy.i wont be able to send pictures digitally for a while, since most of these computers dont have accessible usb ports, plus i am not allowed to take my camera outside the ctm anyways, i wish i could, there is some cool things that i want to take photos of, especially the temples, wayyyy district is awesome, i am getting along with everyone, and yeah, its a good experience...i dont know where the time has gone. every day seems to last forever, but when you get to the end of the week, its just like, man, i was in church yesterday, how is it saturday night already? ....oh the picture book was an amazing idea. sure other people like to see the pictures, but it helps me the most. sometimes i wont nothing more than to see everyone again, and just be home, but the pictures help a lot with that homesicknessand ... i cant wait to start getting letters from everyone...ive been in what i refer to black hole time, the dead zone when you cant receive any letters yet because there just hasnt been enough time to get your address out and for people to write and send yet. but i am excited for them to start coming in....


Jeanie said...

Sounds like you're doing great, Bry ... we're happy things are going well. Will hope the letters and cards I've sent to the CTM/MTC will reach you.


xoxox GJ

TIFFANY said...

Elder Briggs!! I was so happy to see that you will have a way to communicate while you serve on the other side of the world. Good luck with all your studies, you'll be GREAT!! ~Tiffany Howard~