Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thunderstorms in Boituva, Brazil

Ok so we are in a huge thunderstorm here in Boituva, Brasil, (About Boituva, Wikipedia sez it has 41,402 people (as of 2005) and is known as a skydiving capital and for its pineapple. The name means 'many snakes', and the altitude is 637 meters.) and the past three emails have been deleted as the power keeps cutting out. I will send a few short emails to try to equal a good one...I have been instructed by Elder Martins (my trainer aka My Father in mission lingo) to have the mail sent to the mission home. We will get it about every two weeks. But I still wanted you to know where I am. Um, as far as Christmas goes. CD's would be great, I have just found out that the only music I am allowed to listen to is Mormon Tab, instrumental hymns, classical, and efy music.

OK, so this place that I am serving in, Boatova, is about as far away from the mission home as I can get. Which still isnt saying much considering how small the mission really is. but still, we travelled from 1130 today until about 430...gosh I am exhausted. And thirsty. The worst thing is not being able to drink the tap water, but I can deal with it pretty easily. So I am in a thunder storm here right now, thats the reason the internet keeps failing. Pretty exciting. ANd I need to buy an umbrella hahah. Gosh I will get soaked! I am excited to get to work though. Elder Martins seems like a really really great guy, I think we will get along well and work really well together.

Quick shout outs to Katrine, Cami, Caryn, Grandmother and Papa Jim, grandma jeanie, I got your letters! Thank you so much! I will reply as soon as possible. that is a promise. Im sorry if it takes a little bit longer than expected, but I am really pressed for time out here.Ok, really quick before i send another email...

We left the MTC early yesterday and went to the Mission Home. President and Sister Cooley are pretty cool people. THey are from MEsa Arizona and are retired farmers. Both absolutely love football. Yes. You read right. Although unfortunately they are die hard ASU fans. BUt i think i will get along with them very well throughout the rest of the misison. I hope you got the picture that they took of us! If not it should come soon...Sending another letter shortly

I hope Elder Schooley was able to send you the email. FUnny story, that whole group in my district that is going to FLorionopolis is delayed indefinitely. There is horrendous flooding, so they are stuck at the MTC, i must admit I am a little envious. I enjoyed my time there, although Im sure once I get into the work here there will be none greater. FOr example, last night I went out on splits with one of the APs, Elder Prando. We visited a woman to follow up on her reading of the BoM. Plus later I had to teach english! Gosh that was scary. It was an hour of me talking to this brazilian and teaching him, totally alone. E. Prando was busy teaching another set of people. THen at the end I had to prepare a spiritual thought to end the lesson. Sooo I reached in and pulled out good ol Ether 12:27 about weak things becoming strong. I cant wait until I actually get to teach. Will be starting tomorrow!TOnight we will be just doing some more street contacts and things like that. We are opening the area here. That means that there has not been elders for a little while. SO we are going to have a lot of work to do, but with the Lord all is possible.

Scripture of the week i think is not only Helamen 5:12, but also 2 Nephi 32:3. With Christ and Heavenly Father all is possible. Just gotta ask and rely on them.I miss you so much! Please please please keep writing me. ...i know this is worth it. I will be back before you know it.Keep praying. The church is true. Love you all. Happy Thanksgiving!

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