Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Pictures from the CTM

(Pics - Me & my roommates & Halloween at the CTM...)
Have I got a lot of stuff to talk about this week..hopefully I remember it all hahah. Seriously, tons went down.Ok, so, sarting with Pday last week. I did get the package you sent, and I loved that pictures and the letter and everything... And the other pictures were marvelous...I can never get enough. I hope that you continue to send pics down to me and everything! Just wonderful, makes it seem less like I am on the other side of the world. The reeses are wonderful, thank you, and yeah, cant wait to get to the mission and have that other stuff waiting for me! I think you could probably wait for another 10 ish days before giving the mission address. That would probably be about right.
Ok so next day, Friday. We went prosleyting again. I thought it would be the Avenida Paulista, and I was super excited, but it wasnt. Oh well, still a good place. I was absolutely terrified for the first hour for some reason...couldnt get any cards out. But then I just listened to the scriptures (cant remember which one...i think dc 88) that says that I need to open my mouth, and it will be given me what I should say. It worked. In the last half hour I gave out 15 cards to people. The best experience was with one sad looking girl, and I was able to approach her, talk to her, and as I bore my testimony about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, I could just see it in her eyes that the Holy Ghost was testifying the truth to her. I hope she acts on it.
So, do you remember how I said that I hoped that I would be able to go for all two years without having to be in a leadership position? Well, they got me in the first 2 months haha. Goodness, I guess its that whole thing about its not who would be the best leader, but the one that needs to be leader most, the one that will learn from it, and humble and better himself. You are now talking to the Assistant to the President of the 1st branch of the Sao Paulo CTM. Oh has only been a few days but I hope I can live up to the calling. I need to be a real example now. This must be my wake up call from the Lord. Plus, cool experience, it was an answer to a prayer of mine. I wont talk about it now...but its in my journal, so you can read about it in a couple years.Elder Schooley and I are starting to work really well as a companionship. We taught part of the 4th lesson this week, which is about commandments. The situation we were given was a couple that is living together, with one kid and one on the way. The father is an alcoholic, and the mother is a smoker. Of course, we had to teach about the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. Sounds tough, but we nailed it. I am loving teaching, because I am not teach lessons, I am teaching people. I am able to talk to them, bear my testimony, and see the Lord work mighty changes. They greatest part is that I know that what I am teaching is right, and that I can truly be a difference maker in someones life. Now all i need is to be able to just talk in Portuguese!
I did get my ballot, but I gotta tell the whole story. Pretty fun. So First off, thank you Grandmother and Papa Jim for sending me the ballot and the voters pamphlet, it was a lot of help! But it arrived on Nov. 3. Of course, that left me the night to vote and the next day to send in the ballot. So the voting experience was awesome! First time, and I was really surprised by what happened.I have always thought of myself as at least mostly republican, but the ballot that I sent in was pretty evenly a split ticket! It was a ton of fun being able to think about politics and make choices and excercise my right as an American citizen! But, the ballot did not get sent in. I gave to to my teacher to mail for me but he forgot...but stilll, wonderful experience all the same! Crazy that Obama won in such a landslide! I expected he would win, but not by that much. Hopefully he does what he promises and unites the country. Brazilians love him btw. Mostly because he is african american, but yeah, thats the feelings here.Received a couple letters this week from friends, so thank you Lauren and Andrea! I hope you are just rocking BYU! You will have letters of your own in a few weeks.Everyone else, write me more! I love getting the letters and the emails. Just amazing. Daniel, miss ya man. Such an awesome story, and I am sooo happy for ya haha. What a stud. See ya soon! (Only 22 More months!)Tchau Everyone!oh yeah, Ashley, could you get me Deans mission address?
Thanks!Love you guys!

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