Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nov. 12 Letter (Note New Address on the right!)

( R Photo, Elder Briggs Hair Day - everyone did their hair like Bryan, L photo, Brother Soares,) I guess yes and no, time is going fast. It is a wierd thing...kind of like I am in a black hole or something. Every day seems like it just will not end...but then at the end of the week its like, what? Its pday again? Didnt we do that yesterday? Its freaky...ive heard rumors that the twilight zone is gonna make an episode about it..hahahBut yeah, I would suggest just sending everything to the mission home from now on, anything sent after friday probably will get to the CTM either right when I leave or maybe barely I would rather just have a lot of stuff waiting for me at the mission. Give props to Grandma Jeanie, she is a postcard writing machine haha. Seriously, if I have a letter for me its like a 75% chance that it is from Grandma Jeanie. Also got some more letters from friends this week, so I really appreciate that.

So how did the musical end out? One of my friends (Amy Jones, you remember her?) Said she saw you at the show but couldnt get over to ya to say hi. But yeah, Everyone is really happy with the blog mom, gotta give you massive props. I love being able to email you and dad every week, just makes the distance feel a heck of a lot smaller. Miss you bunchesAnd kelsey, but a pro. I bet you cracked some skulls haha, love the picture. Heard your team lost though, sad. Bet they couldnt run worth a darn up the middle on ya though. Good luck with the college apps!

Ok so what happened this week. Well last week was not much, just the end of the week as AP and getting used to all of that stuff. It all went fairly well. I think I have assumed the new role without much friction. Only way that I can do it is by love and example I guess. Just gotta show all the elders that I care about them, that they can approach me about anything, and be an example. Easy thing about elders, most all of them want to do the right thing anyways. Allow people their agency, dont restrict them to much, and people will most always do whats least 19 year old missionaries that is haha.Monday was AP Briggs Hair Day. The entire branch decided to do up their hair like me, in tribute or making fun I have not determined yet, but whatever, it was freaking awesome. Everybody put up the front of their hair and everything, entire day. Nothing much else eventful has been happening. Giving the third lesson in Portuguese this week, without any assistance from notes or anything! Going to be so nuts! But I can handle it. The language has been coming a lot faster the past couple weeks, there are a lot of things that I can just say now, and read, but still the difficulty is figuring out what these brazilians are saying! Fast fast fast mouths.

Again Sao Paulo temple today, pretty awesome. Very very beautiful inside. Guess I am lucky to have a temple in my mission boundaries for the entirety of my stay here. Definitely a very cool place. We go proselyting for the last time on friday. Have set a district goal (there are 12 of us) of giving out 300 cards in our hour and a half that we have. I konw we will be able to do it, just gotta open our mouths, and the Lord will help us. Do not hide your talents. I miss ya tons!Oh just finished the New Testament in english. Was pretty cool, never done that in its entirety before. Again just further strengthens my testimony that Jesus is the Christ and that he has given us a gift more precious above all other gifts. That gift is the ability to feel right in the world, and the ability to have real happiness. Dont know why it took me until the field to really begin to understand my relationship with Christ, but my testimony grows daily. Right now I am reading BoM in portuguese, only in 2 Nephi 20 but it will come. Love that book as well. It is truly written of God for us. I miss you all!

Katrine: Sorry havent gotten the letters yet, but Im sure they will come soon, just write the next to the mission. I am sending out a letter for ya today.

Daniel: Again, you are awesome..definitely miss you as my roommate. Just keep working that UW man, I bet you are schooling everybody! And Heidi told me about your little tear episodes...haha jk but for cereal, miss ya too]

Jason: thanks man! Love hearing the news and so glad to hear about whats up with ya. Keep it up, I will send you another letter pretty soon probably. And you are a stud, pure and simpl,eAmy: Nice work on the costume! Keep going strong haha, even if you cant handle cold anymore.

Heidi: Loved the email! Cant wait for the letter to come through! Good luck at school! You will have to tutor me when i get home. Say hi to the gang for me. Glad the JAH hotline is still going strong.

Beat Dale, he needs to write me...Bye all!!

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