Thursday, January 21, 2010

Someone dreamt about me:)

Thanks for all the help Mom! And I'm happy that the person received the Christmas card that I sent haha.

Also, I did receive Grandmothers package. As for the shoes, I think you can send them in one box...everyone says there really is no need to send separated. in the next box I need some soap, frosted mini wheats, mint oreos, and thats it.

Yes, it was always my intention to room with Dean at UW, so hopefully it works out. he has always wanted to do more apartments, whereas I am a lot more into the dorms...the people there cook for ya haha. Anyone out there with advice for Mom, please send a message via my facebook or her email.

onnnnnnnnn to the week

Actually, this past week was rather uneventful. Elder Mosiah and I are really trying hard to find a new golden family to teach, but it is going sort of slowish. Man, Knocking on doors is rough! But, we are teaching some cool people that will hopefully enter the waters in february. We had some good people in january, but everything fell as people didn't want to follow either the word of wisdom or law of chastity.
buuuuutttt, iI do have one cool story from this past week. so, we have been teaching a less active family for the past couple of weeks. they have been out of the church for about 7 years, but are wanting to come back. also, they have one 16 year old daughter (Mayara) that wasn't baptized, and we are teaching her. So, the cool part. the day before we went to their house for the first time she had a dream. In her dream, two tall angels, one with green/blue eyes (Me) and the other with brown eyes (Elder Payne), were walking towards her. Another time, without us telling her when we were going to stop by, she dreamed about me again, and we stopped by! Way cool! Someone dreamt about me! End of story.

Thats about it for the week!

Love ya

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