Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rain every day at 2

Hey Mom...
Glad to hear that things are going well, and that Heavenly Father answered your prayer! You have more answered prayers to find lost stuff than anyone I know. It reminds me of a time when our keys werent unlocking the chapel here, and we REALLY had to get in. I decided to pray, I felt prompted to go try the back door. it didnt work. then, when we came back to the front door, and the keys suddenly worked! I think Heavenly Father sent an angel to touch the chapel and that's why we had to go to the back haha. who knows.

onnnnnnnnn to the week

Well, things were just going pretty flatly recently. Here in the zone we received some missionaries that are in their very last month on the mission, and, as you can guess, they are pretty pooped. Soo, the zone has lost a bit of energy, but things are still going well. as for my own area, things have been starting to look up. as a matter of fact, a guy (16, igor) that weve been teaching took a huuuuuge step this week. we had marked a date with him a few weeks ago to be baptized last saturday. However, he was unsure and there were still a few things to teach and improve. Also, he was having troubles getting an anser to his prayers about the book of mormon. buuuuuuttttt, this Sunday, he took me aside to talk to me and told me that he has been feeling more and more everyday that the church is true and that it is where he needs to be!Hhe invited himself to be baptized this Saturday...all he needs is to pass the interview tomorrow night. PRAY. but yeah, it was pretty exciting.

Also, there were some other people that went to church this week and loved it! Including the girl that had the dreams. It was pretty cool. hopefully we are going to have some good progress here in February in the area!

The weather here is crazy recently. Almost every day I wake up to blue skies and heat...but then it is over by noon. As soon as it hits 2 oclock there is a huge rainstorm that comes in and doesn't end until the night. So, it has been a little complicated to work recently. Soooo much water comes down here, it is nuts! Plus, the drainage systems arent as good as they should be. As a result, the streets get kind of flooded on a daily basis. Luckily, today wasn't one of those days. Yesterday however was nuts! It took me 5 hours to get home from mission counsel on the other side of the city, a journey that usually just takes 1.5.

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