Thursday, January 14, 2010


hey mom!
...Im glad people seem to be following my mission ...always love to hear what people think...i can use as much support and third party compliments as possible. for the college thing (BYU vs. UW)

Yeah, you knew it. The same as it has been. I will keep bleeding purple. So, lets get all gears going so that i can have everything set up at UW. I have no idea what classes to take, but Jason Olmstead and Daniel Stewart and all the other UW peeps will help. Im still not sure about the whole Temple experience. I think I was just wanting an excuse to get home early from the mission. Getting answers to prayers is still one of my weak points. Anyway, I will finish what I started, build Zion outside of Utah, and paint outside the lines.

onnnnnnnnnnn to the week

So, the week has been a pretty decent one. The biggest news of all was that another transfer has finished, and I will stay with Elder Mosiah in Jaragua for another six weeks. yaa! Things have been going pretty well. our zone has really improved recently and I am excited to try to keep things going for everybody. the other big news is that one of my best mission friends is the new assistant to the president! Elder Parsons, he has a blog as well, actually. but yeah, I am pretty excited.

We had interviews with the president last week, and it all went pretty well. it was actually kind of funny. the president came in and was actually pretty serious with us. Talked to us about how we needed to do better in certain things and such. Talked about some of the issues in the other areas. But then, with everyone else, he just complimented! Oh well, it is just President Cooley, he realizes our zone is doing super well and doesnt want us to get comfortable. We gotta keep those eyes fixed on the glory of god!

Afterwards, the zone had a lot of baptisms over the weekend and E. Mosiah and I have been able to reconnect with some people that had kind of wandered over the holidays and everything. Everything short, things are going great. The days are hot, the evenings are wet, and the mornings are wayyyyyy too early. But, it is all worth it. Now i really have to endure to the realy is the hardest part of the gospel ahaha.

Today was fun, we went to downtown Sao Paulo on the Avenida Paulista. It is the Wall St slash Times Square of Sao Paulo. There are lots of cool big buildings, super nice stuff, and yeah, it is a fun place.

I am still trying to figure out our plan for Brazil for next December! I am thinking flying down on the 18, spending the first two nights in Sao Roque, and then going to Sao Paulo to finish out the week and have Christmas, and then fly home the 25 at night or the 26.

well, Thanks for everything!


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