Wednesday, March 11, 2009

...oh the Mormons!

The first picture is at the home of a member family after lunch.
Second...Basically weeding on steriods. Goodness, out in the hot sun using a strange tool and yeah, weeding. Third is just me when i get bored.
Quick shout out for me to Lauren! Thanks for all the support Lauren, hope everything at BYU is going awesome. I cant wait to receive kelseys talk and announcement and some of those pictures. Really, when i receive pictures it is awesome. I love letters, but everyone knows that a picture speaks a thousand words right?? Pictures are great. Congrats Kelsey for all the hard work you are doing, and succeeding! Goodness, sounds like busy times. Give everybody a HEY for me on the choir trip to Seattle this weekend, especially Bue...Hi to Hannah Castor - still waiting for a letter.
Goodness, that was a weird sentence. That is awesome that you guys are working with the missionaries so much. My my how my life has changed. It is strange sometimes to think that I am living the church, 100% of the time. Seriously, wake up, pray, shower, pray, study scriptures, pray, study with comp, pray, lunch, work, home, pray, plan, pray, eat, pray bed. Goodness. I pray a lot haha. BUt it is amazing, seriously, I have developed such a strong testimony of the power of prayer. The simplicity of its power is beautiful. Absolutely amazing the strengh, comfort, guidance, revelation that you can receive.
So, this week. Lets see. So, first things first, miracles are happening in Boituva. It is amazing how much the Lord has been preparing this city for the gospel. Things have been kind of going slow, but all of a sudden we changed chapels, and people just started popping up out of nowhere for us to teach! Seriously, it is way cool!
We found one family last friday that is the definition of elect. We clapped our hands (knocking the doors here) and the guy rushed out ´oh the MORMONS! i am so excited you guys came! We have been waiting forever for you guys, i was starting to get worried that you werent going to be able to come´ it was crazy. This family is amazing. Carlos is the dad, Marli is the mom, then there are two sons..philipe (17) and daniel(9). They are awesome, reading the scriptures, praying, going to church, treating us like family. It really is incredible. They have been prepared a long time to receive the gospel, about 20 years ago their friend joined the church and turned her life around, and the life of her children. SInce then they have always been impressed and this christmas, they received a pass along card in a different city, and they called to receive the DVD. They are great. Also, there were tons of investigators in the chapel...6! The most that we have had up to now was 2. Plus, 73 people showed up for church, incredible for a branch that usually averages 40 people.
Miracles are happening. We keep running into more and more people that just want to be taught, that want to receive the lessons. It is such a blessing. It is one of the interesting things about the mission. At times you may not have a ton of success...not because you are a bad missionary, or because there arent people ready to be taught, but because the area itself, the branch itself isnt ready for more people. Now, the branch has changed so much and improved so much. The people are starting to just roll. Hopefully, within a year, we will be able to get Boituva prepared to receive an actual church building. How cool would that be.
The other stuff that has happened hasnt been huge. Elder Cruz and I did a service project (pictures to come). We ALMOST went to the zoo in sorocaba. Yeah, and tomorrow is going to be our Zone Conference with Elder Claudio M. Costa, of the Presidency of the Seventy. This is going to be wayyyy cool. Will tell you guys about it next week. Love ya!Elder Squig
Oh, and btw, i have been wanting to try something new here. Like i said way back when, when i email i dont really have time to read a ton of emails from a ton of people, take notes, and respond with a letter. But, i have been thinking it would be awesome if people would send me an email when they get a letter of mine, and when they send me a letter...would help me know when to expect letters and also how long my letters are taking through the south american postal service system. Thanks! My email is

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