Wednesday, March 18, 2009

6 months already!

Picture is Bryan with Elder Costa...Presidency of the Seventy
see story below.

Surprise, surprise, I received a package from Cindy Rae! Let her know that I am sending them a letter today. But it was a great package. Received letters from grandma jeanie, grandfather, caryn, heidi this week, and am sending letters to caryn, heidi, caryn, and cindy rae. hope they all get to you soon!And krispy kremer (aka amy), i forgive you, just get those letters in the mail!
Congrats to the choir! Yeah, i miss those trips...did you say hi to Boo for me? And did Jack and Carol receive my letter? Sending a postcard to Elder Anderson...hope it get's there before he's homebound.

Love that you are doing all the stuff with the missionaries...i am sure that they are really loving it too. It helps when the members help teach investigators. Especially since you are studying PMG and really working hard with this. Kudos. BUt isnt it interesting, as soon as you start really studying gospel stuff, you just get hungry for more and more knowledge. There are so many books out there that I need to read the great apostasy, miracle of forgiveness, etc. etc.

Alright...the week. Started out pretty cool with Elder Costa from the Presidency of the Seventy giving the talk and everything. He is an amazing leader. He talked about the gospel, about missionary work, and about some other doctrine stuff that was wayyyy cool. The coolest thing of all is that Elder Costa was a convert to the church when he was around 20 here in Brazil. Gosh, imagine, it would be so cool to see one of my converts raise to such a high leadership position. That is probably one of the coolest things about missionary work, 30 years after the fact seeing that your convert not only stayed active, but is a valiant member of the church. How cool.Also, Elder Costa stayed that night to give a fireside for the members of the city (sorocaba). The place was packed. Elder Cruz and I decided to stay because one of our golden investigators (Carlos) made the hour drive from Boituva to watch! He loved it. Man, it was just perfect, plus we got to show him around an actual chapel and show him more about the church. Our stake president here (who is oddly similar to President Rau) called our investigator up and introduced him to Elder Costa, Elder Cooper of the seventy, our mission president, and other leaders of the church. Was an amazing night.

The whole week has really been about this family, the family of Carlos. Sunday, we committed all four of them to baptism for easter weekend. It is going to be an amazing day. We also have another rapaz (Evandro) who is going to be baptized on that day. Things are just going pretty well here in Boituva right now. Elder Cruz and I are getting along pretty well, the members are working with us, our investigators are amazing, and we found an AMAZING pizza place here in Boituva.

We are having miracles here in our area. Like I said before, things are just moving now. Carlos and family are so great, just golden. They are reading the scriptures, praying personally, and are just hungry to go to church, to commit, to LEARN the gospel of christ. They have been searching for the true church for a long time, but always before they said that they just didnt feel complete. Carlos said that the first time he entered church last sunday, it just all felt right. Plus, they are all getting answers to their prayers and everything! It is very very exciting with them.

Can you believe I've been out 6 months already? Thanks to you all for all of your support! Thanks for the letters, the packages, the pictures! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day, and that you send me a letter with a picture soon ;) Love you...Elder Briggs

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