Wednesday, March 25, 2009

6 MONTHS already

Pics to come, my blogmom is in the desert and will update when she gets back.
A quick thanks to Brother Walton...and a quick favor...could you send me Elder Walton´s mission address?? Thanks
Ok, onnnnnn to the week This week had some cool things that happened. We have started going to Wizard language institute to talk with the people learning english and everything. Wizard is pretty cool, it is the biggest language learning school in Brazil, and was started by a member of the church. Actually, i have heard that the method that they use is pretty similar to the teaching method of the MTC...but yeah, seems to work. Also, what is really cool, every book that you get at Wizard has a pass along card in it and information about BYU. Actually, was because of this that our elect family called and we are now teaching them and getting them ready for baptism on the 11th of April. How cool. but yeah, so we have gone there a couple times, and we enter each class and just talk to the people there. It is really funny how shy the people are to talk with an actual american hahah...but its fun. It has been a great way for us to get the news about the church out there, to show that we are great guys, and to put a little bit in about our message. But yeah, they love us there.
FUnny story, we were there last night going through classes...and right after i finished talking with the last class I got a MAJOR nose bleed. Man, it was funny. I was talking to some brazilian kids and all of the sudden went the red waterfall out of my nose. The owner got all concerned and started taking care of was really humorous, to me. But yeah, it is going to continue being a great source of references.
BTW, for the people that are reading the blog...references are amazing. Give them to the helps a ton! You dont even have to do anything special. Just write down the person´s name, address on a piece of paper and give it to the missionaries. Woot!
Ok, back to the week. On monday I went on splits with my district leader over in his area. Parque São Bento, a bairro on the outskirts of Sorocaba. But yeah, it was a lot of fun. Elder Anderson is a pretty goofy kid. He is from Ogden, UT and has been on the mission for 17 months. But yeah, was cool teaching with him. One of the great things about the divisions is seeing how other people teach and interact with the people, and integrating some of those things into your own teaching style and method. Way cool. But yeah, will send some photos of our exerience there. Fun fun fun.The other stuff that happened this week was all pretty routine. We are walking and teaching alot. We have found some pretty amazing people, and it is so cool being able to teach them. Like I have always said, I never tire of seeing that new form of light in the people´s is just wayyy too cool.
OH YEAH! HOW CO ULD I FORGET? I REACHED THE SIX MONTH MARK TODAY WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!Yes, i have officially reached 25% of the mission. It is a big day. I think that tonight I am going to buy a big pizza or something. Maybe some cake. Or just eat those oh so delicious reeses peices...yummmmm
Well, hope that every that is reading is having an amazing week! If you are already a steady reader, keep up the good work! If you are just beginning, keep on reading! If you fall in some other category, it doesnt matter, just remember that i expect you to continue checking the blog every week.

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